Does anyone know what a Hoover blanket is?

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    a Hoover Blanket was several layers of newspaper spread under and over the user. the many layers acted as insulation and kept the user reasonably warm.

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    Live and learn. That is what I did today. Hoover Blanket was a new one for me. Hoover Hogs were familiar to me. Possums that were eaten by some during the depression along with Armadillos were called Hoover Hogs. By the way, Mr Carter had the idea that everyone should be able to buy a home regardless of their income and he used his presidential influence to force mortgage companies to provide substandard loans to people who could not qualify for loans using accepted guidelines for qualifying borrowers. Bill Clinton enhanced the program and encouraged the practice. It all came tumbling down eventually but it happened during a Republican administration.Say what you want and believe what you may, Just don't look for the facts unless you want to be correctly informed.

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    Hoover's Blanket presents Best of Show: Choicest Cuts of Hoover's Blanket

    Do dogs dream in color - or in pieces? - of a consumer culture gone cannibal, of a mad scientist gone Andy Gibb, of a slam poetry night gone horribly wrong? Hoover's Blanket, voted 2006 best sketch troupe, gives you the cream of their crop, filtered through a dog with a brain tilted to revenge. Satiric, absurdist, always beyond sketch comedy.

    During the Great Depression of the thirties, the nation needed an injection of comedy to boost its spirits. Thats when Hoover's Blanket was formed as a part of FDRs New Deal. The vaudevillian comedy duo of Leopold and Bloom took advantage of the Federal Comics Coalition and hit the radio waves, taking the nation by storm! Bread lines became laugh lines, as those first two lovable laugh icons laid the foundation for Hoover's Blanket to become an institution of yucks for decades to come.

    By giving audiences exactly what they want and nothing they expect, the Blankets have survived radical cast changes and varying social and political climes of this great nation through the jingoistic forties, mad-cap fifties, psychedelic sixties, sultry seventies, Reaganomics, the indistinguishable nineties and the roaring zeros.

    After a respite from the comedy world, Hoover's Blanket reformed in Austin, Texas in July of 2005 and is comprised of improvisers from the local swinging improv scene. The current roster includes performers from $10 Bourbon

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    President Hoover was blamed for the depression, as well as not doing anything about it. The homeless people who slept on the street, covered themselves in newspapers to keep warm, thus calling it the "Hoover Blanket."

    Source(s): Learned this in high school
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    Ah, that brings back memories....of my great-grandmother and me sitting on the porch in the summer....and her telling me stories of the "Great Depression"...a Hoover Blanket was the covering of oneself with newspapers to keep warm...and a Hoover Flag was an empty pocket, turned out of one's pants, just hanging there...

    Sadly, we're seeing both of those things just bothers me that folks are blaming the new president, when he hasn't even been in office a month yet...he inherited the problems that another president had eight years to create.

    Before folks ***** too much, they should remember that when Clinton turned over the keys to the White House Oval Office, he had balanced the budget and left this country WITH NO DEFICIT WHATSOEVER!

    So, if we are going to refer to a modern blanket as belonging to anyone, I'd day it was a George W. Bush Designer Original Blanket!

    (Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now!)

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    No, I never heard of that one. It is mentioned here:

    My brother lived through the Depression and he said my parents struggled, but manged on very little income. They did a lot of bartering and trading. They always had a large garden and canned the produce.

    He remembered eating meatloaf: 1/2 lb ground meat mixed with 1 loaf bread and bake it until done. Or 1/2 lb ground meat and 4 cups cooked rice.

    Source(s): Life in Michigan
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    Newspaper I think. They used them in the Hoovervilles in the great depression to try keep warm. Atleast I think it is....I may be way off.

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    Didn't know they were called that, but have seen many in use in parks in D.C. Sorry, Brain Babe, meant to give you T.U. and hit T.D. by mistake. Not intentional and liked your answer.

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    I never heard the expression before.

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    All I can say is, it won't be long before many of us will be using " Obama Blankets ". That is, if the newspaper business survives...

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