Do you know your favorite artist's favorite artist/song?

I'm not sure Freddie's favorite song, but his favorite singer was Aretha Franklin.

Brian May's favorite song is "Jealous Guy" by John Lennon...I think it's his fave because of his messy divorce and what not...his favorite artists are the Beatles...


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    Candice Night {of Blackmore's Night} has a few favourites, detailed on her website!

    Female Singer(s) : Stevie Nicks ; Maggie Reilly ; Sarah Brightman

    Male Singer(s) : Ian Anderson ; Don Henley

    Song(s) : 'Sisters of the Moon' ~ Fleetwood Mac

    I know that Stevie Nicks is a fan of Sarah McLachlan and her song 'Possession', as well as Sheryl Crow {both guested on Stevie's 2001 solo album [Sarah also drew part of the artwork], and Stevie and Sheryl work together a lot}.

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    Apparently Noel Gallaghers Favourites are:

    Hound Dog by Elvis Presley

    We Love You by The Rolling Stones

    Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan

    Strange Town by The Jam

    I Am The Walrus by The Beatles

    I've Gotta Get A Message To You by The Bee Gees

    My Generation by The Who

    Hand In Glove by The Smiths

    Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks

    Looking Glass by The La's

    Source(s): **EDIT** Hows you mate?
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    Bob Dylan's favorite song is"Pirate Jenny" from The Three Penny Opera written by Kurt Weil; probably the Nina Simone version but Katy Buckley sings it too. Kurt Weil also wrote "Mack The Knife".

    Source(s): auto-biography (Chronicles 1) & wikipedia
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    Jim Reeves once said in a concert that his favorite singer was Lefty Frizzell. He also said that one of the last songs he recorded, "I Can't Stop Loving You," was one of the best songs he'd ever heard.

    In rock, I remember a "Behind the Music" on the year 1977 that showed Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads saying his favorite Elvis Presley song was "(Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame," which is also my favorite Elvis hit.

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    I know Stevie Ray Vaughan's favorite artist is Albert King, he was even considered his Godfather :). And if I'm not mistaken, his favorite song is The Sky Is Crying by Eric Clapton.

    - Love and Peace -

  • Bryan White's fave song is *Behind Closed Doors* by Charlie Rich.

    When I found that out years ago,I immediately called the radio station to have it played.

    Source(s): KM
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    Robert Johnson is Eric Clapton's favorite artist.

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    Jon Schaffer's (Iced Earth guitarist and song writer) favorite album is The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden, I'm not sure about his favorite song though...

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    Hey Stone good to see you!

    You are correct about Freddie and Brian

    I know that Jeff Loomis listens to a lot of Marty F. and Jason B. band

    Cacophony. I do know that Go Off is his favorite album from them

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    HIs father used to be Woody Guthrie back in the day, as for now, I'm not quite sure who Bob thinks is the greatest

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