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Command Prompt help. What is IPConfig?

When I type "IPConfig" (without the quotations) a few things come up. What is my IP Address, my "Subnet Mask" and my "Default Gateway"? What is my "Connection-specific DNS suffix"? What do all these things mean? What can they be used for? How would I use them for something, and what is their purpose? I'm just curious about these things, especially Command Prompt. Thank you very much. Oh, and by the way, I heard that there is a button combination that you can press in command prompt to make your computer make some harmless beeping noises. Any idea what these buttons are, and why the computer makes the noise? Thank you very much, everyone!

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    ipconfig shows your computer's IP settings. The numbers you see are numbers that help the computer talk to other computers on a network, it's kind of like a house address.

    Oh, and the command is ctrl+g

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    first... what information do you need from IPconfig?? all the information that you will find on there can be found through windows itself. to find the information, you need to double click on your network computer icon at the bottom right corner next to the clock.... next click on the support tab. that shows all the same information that you will find using the IPconfig through CMD

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