Ohio Unemployment / Insurance Fraud Laws - Help?

Hubby is dealing with a manager who has directed him to lie to an insurance adjustor that will be coming in the next week or so to assess wind damage to the buildings. Mr. Manager gave this direction to two out of three employees (the third was at lunch). This company has previously refused (and continues to refuse) to supply safety equipment mandated by OSHA law. There are numerous code violations in these buildings. Hubby has not been happy with this job for quite a while. With the development today (insurance lie), does he have the option of quitting and being able to draw unemployment? What would he state was his reason for quitting? What documentation would he need? Would a notarized statement from his co-worker be enough proof that this really happened since nothing is in writing? We can't afford legal services nor the loss of his whole paycheck, but could probably get by with the unemployment until he found another job. any info or advice will be of great assistance!


He does not intend to lie to the insurance adjustor as ordered; but also does not want being fired on his record either.

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    In Ohio, it's very difficult to get unemployment compensation if you quit a job. Why doesn't your husband just choose not to lie to the insurance adjustor? If he is then fired, he should qualify for the unemployment AND he would not have lied.

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    If he became no longer required to provide up working, and the boss might have enable him proceed to artwork if he had to attain this, then he's not eligible for unemployment, and he (the worker, no longer the boss), might desire to return all unemployment reimbursement won. If the boss required him to provide up working because of the fact there became no artwork to do after the tip season (or no longer adequate artwork to do), then he's eligible for unemployment, no count number if or no longer he's rehired later. The company might might desire to pay some money because of the unemployment declare, yet no greater effective than the quantity that the corporate might might desire to pay in the event that they did no longer rehire him and as a replace employed somebody else.

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