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comcast basic cable package?

what channels would i get if i ordered basic cable for 10 dollars a month from comcast? i live in boston MA, 02131 (roslindale MA), is it worth it? but mostly what channels would i receive. also i have a flat screen tv so with basic cable would i get any HD?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    2 WGBH-2 (PBS) Children & Family

    3 BAT (Brookline only)

    4 WBZ-4 (CBS)

    5 WCVB-5 (ABC)

    6 New England Cable News News & Info HD ON

    7 WHDH-7 (NBC)

    8 TV Guide Network News & Info

    10 WLVI-56 (CW)

    11 WENH-11 (PBS) Children & Family

    12 Comm. Programming/RAI/SmarTraveler TV Multicultural

    14 WSBK-38 (IND)

    18 WZMY-50 (MyTV)

    19 WBPX-68 (ION)

    22 The Municipal Channel

    23 Community Access/Health Channel-Senior Reading (Brookline only)

    24 The Educational Channel/BAT (Brookline only)

    25 WFXT-25 (FOX)

    26 Cuencavision Multicultural

    27 WUNI-27 (UNI) Multicultural

    44 WGBX-44 (PBS) Children & Family

    46 WWDP-46 (Shop NBC) Lifestyle

    47 QVC Lifestyle

    50 WUTF-66 (Telefutura) Multicultural

    51 Swap & Shop/Access

    52 WMFP-62 (IND)

    53 WNEU-60 (Telemundo) Multicultural

    61 HSN Lifestyle

    209 WGBH World ² Lifestyle

    217 GBH Kids ² Children & Family

    237 WGBH Create ² Lifestyle

    297 This TV News & Info

    No HD channels included

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  • 4 years ago

    no because commie-cast will not offer it for free. they want a big payoff and the nfl won't give it to them. if you have noticed, all the favorite cable channels are now offered only in the super package, so there will never be a compromise and once again the paying public will have to pay to get it. thats why i hate comcast with a passion.

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