Who do you think will win the NCAA Mens Coach of the year award?

i think you all know who i think should be the winner.

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but how could Mike Anderson not win. He transformed a team that went nowhere last year got all the knuckleheads out and look at them they're ranked 19 and are gonna be ranked higher but you do hold a point with oklahoma

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    Im a Big 12 fan, used to go to Colorado, but I think the coach of the year is Keno Davis, from Providence. The Friars are playing at a high level in the Big East with little talent, and Davis definitely deserves credit.

    EDIT: I agree Anderson has done a great job, he turned around Missouri, the same way Davis turned around PC. I dont think Calhoun should win because his team is loaded with talent.

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    Jason Capel, Oklahoma coach. No disrespect to the great coaches out there but it's no surprise that UConn is good or North Carolina. No one expected Oklahoma to be #2 in the nation right now. Barring a terrible finish, he should get coach of the year.

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    Jim Calhoun, last year UCONN lost easy in the NCAA tournament and now there the number 1 team in the nation with a 23-1 record.

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    1 decade ago

    I would say Jim Calhoun personally. UConn has been great all year and this was expected to be a down year for them.

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  • no the other team in your conference. Oklahoma's coach he has done a hell of a job there, not taking anything away from your coach tho.

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