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what is the largest province in israel?

im doing my home work and i need to know does israel even have provinces or is it states UUUGGGHHH!!! please answer

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    The State of Israel has 6 distinct provinces:

    - Central province has two main cities – Jerusalem and Ramla. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and has the largest population and area. All branches of the Israeli government – legislative, judicial and executive, are placed at Jerusalem. It is also a holy city playing an important role in the 3 Abrahamic religion – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The city has also many artistic and cultural venues. The Israel Museum attracts nearly one million visitors annually. The Ticho House, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem Symphone Orchestra, Khan Theater to name a few are famous places of tourists attractions.

    - Haifa is the third largest city of Israel and is the main city of Northern Israel. It is a seaport and is located below and on Mount Carmel. Haifa is the home of various religions – Jews, Muslims, Christians, Ahmadis, Druze, Baha'i s and other. Haifa is a picturesque city with many sightseeings like the Baha'i Gardens, Haifa Bay, Haifa Port, Baha'i World Center and the German Colony.

    - In the Arava province important cities like Negev and Eilat are situated.

    - The famous and historical city of Nazareth is situated in the Northern province

    - Beersheva is placed in the Southern province.

    - Tel Aviv is the second largest city of Israel. It also contains the main part of the largest and the most populous metropolitan area in Israel, Gush Dan. Tel Aviv is a flourishing and influential technological city and contains much of Israel's high-tech brains. Among the travel destinations of Tel Aviv, the Opera House, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art,Charles Clore's Garden are the most famous.

    Israel is a country of historical importance is visited by numerous tourists. Traveling in Israel will become easier once the provinces, their main cities and major travel destinations are informed.

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    There are Six sure districts, or provinces in case you like, in Israel. a million. Northern District 2. Southern District 3. critical District 4. Jerusalem District 5. Haifa District 6. Tel Aviv District there is likewise a seventh Province/District, Judea and Samaria; yet, as that's the West financial company, it merits a point out, on an identical time as no longer formally referred to as Israel, as some thing that's component of the conflict. the biggest is the Southern District, via plenty, in terms of land. The Southern District is approximately 12,000 km². in terms of persons, it may be the critical District, a minimum of in accordance to Wikipedia figures, with various a million,770,000 electorate, or approximately that many.

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    There are no provinces in Israel.

    Perhaps you are thinking of Canada?


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    No no no you didn't get a correct answer yet. The largest would be Judea and Samaria. The English name that some people call it is West Bank, which simply means West Bank of the Jordan River. The proper name is Judea & Samaria and that is the largest province.

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  • The West Bank.

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