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If you steal a person's shoe, is it a sign of marriage in some cultures?

Now, here's something interesting. I was with my friends playing around, when I took his shoe when he wasn't looking. I took off running and he was chasing after me. Then, one of the teachers told me to give it back to him, I gave it back to him and then she wanted to talk to us both so we went to go talk to her. She alerted me of the dangers of broken glass, thumbtacks, rust nails, and thorns on the campus that she's found and that it would be terrible if my best friend stepped on any one of them. I handed him back the shoe explained our story that it was just playing around all in fun. She then excused us right before saying, "In some other cultures its a sign of marriage to take a person's shoe." its been bugging me now; If you take a person's shoe its a sign of marriage?! That, or she was kidding around with me.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That is so funny, my husband and I was separated, so his mother passed away, we were at his brother's house for the re pass, he had the balls to bring this tramp with him, it was cold as heck deep winter snow up around your ankles, girl friend pulled off her shoes & put on some socks leaving her shoes in the kids room, I went in the room took one of her shoes & put it in the incinerator. They looked all over for that shoe and couldn't fine it. She had to go home without shoes. I know it have nothing to do with your question but you made me think about it with stealing shoes!

  • Chad B
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    It probably is, lol. There are some weird culture things throughout the world concerning marriage. Google it.

    EDIT: Here, you'll find this interesting.

  • duggs
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    particular, and that they do if given the prospect and choose for some stable shoes for the taking. very final 12 months, via the time of a pass from one section to a diverse, we've been robbed via way of somebody shifting into via an unlocked lounge window, on an same time as one load grew to alter into into being presented. And than yet yet another in the approach the night. between the places they headed grew to alter into into to the upstairs mattress room. They took blankets, a field of Christmas decorations, and as lots of my shoes as they might carry. one in each of my incredible pair grew to alter into into dropped on the way out the door. It grew to alter into into the pair I wore everytime I went someplace. they have been the main soft and that i depended on them. Little stable that pair grew to alter into into, with one shoe taken, and one left on the lower back of to the two persons. i might prefer to stand to lose the three pair of robust residing house shoes, glove leather-based lace ups, and a few calf length boots, yet now now not my particular clog shoes I in simple terms had to slip into and pass style. i've got have been given yet to discover any as soft and that greater suitable wholesome so nicely. Others are extremely unfastened I even have. I even have an edema concern the situation my feet and legs will swell via my heart. So it is going to be stressful looking yet yet another pair, extremely like the greater suitable wholesome I had with those. Oh, 2 pair of the shoes have been the Ugg form. so as that supplies you a concept of their appeal.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    your teacher sounds like a riot.

    theres a lot of countries, and a lot of weird signs of marriage out there for each.

    its a possibility.

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  • 1 decade ago

    IDK, don't care. Her first explanation made sense; I'd go with that.

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