Itunes Gift Card Question?


well i bought an itunes sgift card at walmart for 25 bucks

and i used it on itunes

heres how i did it incase i used it wrong:

on itunes, i went to itunes store

then clicked redeem

then i entered the code on the back of the card

when i finished,

i saw a box at the top right corner saying how much money was on the gift card

then i started buying everying

then when my mom looked at her bank account

it sais that i was purchising a lot of music

[over 35 dollars worth]

pleas help me

i dont know what to do

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    remove her bank account from the itunes account. or open a new account just for you and use the money on the gift card by 'gifting' purchases. also, you can't jusst buy everything, you need to pay attention to what things cost and make sure you stay under the amount of the gift card.

    change/delete credit card, other payment info:

    make more than 1 itunes library/account on 1 pc: in this link, where it says 'hold down the shift key', continually hold it down while clicking the files until the little dialog box opens. or:

    Another option is to create a separate Windows User account for each person on your PC. Different accounts by definition would give you completely separate libraries. Each account has it's own iTunes folder, Library and iTunes Music folder.

    using 1 account's money for other accounts or 'gifting' a purchase to another person: you can buy items and send the download link to another person. or 'gift' items to yourself if you have different accounts, but money in only 1 account. scroll to the bottom of the page at this link for details:

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