How do you go about reporting a bad daycare to the state of ohio?

This place is nasty there are holes in the walls black mold everywere I dont know how they stay open.


this place is licensed by the state of ohio

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    Call the Health Department of whatever county you live in...I live in ohio and a friend of mine had a similar situation. The daycare, which was privately run by a woman with three teenage kids, was chaotic, dirty, the teenage kids ran rampant and roughoused with the little kids, drove dirtbikes around where the little ones were playing, and for some reason, the lady hardly let the kids inside the house, to the point that my friends children were starting to think it was okay to pee outside....I am curious as to whether this place is even recognized by the state as a daycare facility, it is required by law that any daycare have a liscense. .

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    If they are licensed, are you sure the license is actually updated? Also, if that passed inspection, you could probably make enough complaints to the government office that keeps tabs on that sort of thing, that they may send someone out there to do a surprise inspection.

    If you're child is/was there, take them out and find another place.

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