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Why The Greeks, Syrians, Armenians, Kurds, Germans, French & Bulgarians Dislike the Turks?

Of course not all, but many do.

Please explain me the conflict between each.

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    Kurds,Syrians,Bulgarians,Greeks and Armenians:Cause of the past back in Ottoman times and because they try to appear all the above nations and,they force them in slavery many years.Also they try to strangle their cultures.Now all the above countries because of this they have Identity crisis.Many Muslim minorities who make too much problems too.Also Turkish governments airplanes pollute the air of some of the above countries (Bulgaria,Greece and Armenia.And yes people Kurds living there like hell,they still occupy their place and everyday they fight for their freedom.And everywhere they find the grey wolves they burn them. Germans and French:Because of the MANY Turkish immigrants in their countries.They live like ghetto people.They don't try to speak the languages and they live poor and dirty too(sorry but is true and i think and Turks know it too).Specifically the Turks in Germany are lane.Transsexual sons.daughters who force themselves in prostitution,son beats his family and sons works for big ladies too.And in France they live poor and dirty too.In dirty streets,thief don't try to learn the language.And restaurants with dirty foods.And i heard that some Turks they own strip clubs in Germany with poor women from the Ex Soviet Union.

    Source(s): Good people off course exist everywhere.But Turkish politics have many crimes against humanity in their past.But i have to agree with some users up.It so beautiful to see Turkish-Greek marriages.My cousin in Australia dating a Turkish guy and our neighbor here is a Turkish guy married to a Greek woman.
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    As far as Greeks Turks and Greeks have been fighting for centuries.

    Syrians didn't know about that because I know many Turkish women married to Syrian men. Amrmenians because they were killed in the Armenian genocide. And French and Germans just don't like immagrants liet alone Muslim immagrants.

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    everybody hate greeks , armenians or kurds, the only people who hate them ,are radicals extremist, as extremist radicals europeans, hate turkish or anyother races. Extremist= **** Radicalism= ****. The turkish ninety 9.9% or extra, do no longer hate armenians, greeks or kurds, like im constructive as a rule of them do no longer hate turkish. Myb some experience like "ohh turkish no no no thnks" or "ohh greeks no no no no thnks" or "armenians?? no non on o thnks " the only individual we hate is people as YOU =D , i'm hoping each physique start to grasp one ech others =D do no longer u think of??? =D and end of ask STUPIDS questions =D

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    The Slavonic and German. Hates the Finn, because them are nonrelated, and has beautiful woman like Kiira Korpi Suomi iceskating world. Champion.

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    Greeks and Turks have been fighting and doing horrible things to each other for generations, and the Turks practiced genocide against Armenians. With France and Germany it is because of the influx of Turkish guest workers into their countries. No idea about Bulgaria.

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    Not all of them hate Turks.

    In general,Greeks because of the bloody wars and past (Ottoman empire,Pontic Greek genocide,Smyrne Katastrophe,Cyprus invansion),

    Armenians because of the Armenian genocide.

    Kurds,because they want to have a part of Turkey

    Germans because of the big Turkish minority there.

    Syrians,Bulgarians and French?I didnt know about this. I guess its not true or at least not as intense and comon as in the rest.

    As far as concerned the Greeks , many of them (like me) believe that this belongs to the past.

    What some generations ago did ,has nothing to do with the current people.

    I just can't hear justification against those actions.

    If we ALL realise that we are stronger together than we are apart then we would both be very powerfull (Germany and France)

    THEY (big powers) want us apart and we fall for it.

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    1. The French and Germans dislike the Turks because there are hundreds of thousands of poor immigrants flowing to France and Germany who are a burden on their extensive welfare state and are perceived to take jobs away from native born French/German citizens. There also may be some assimilation issues in play.

    2. The rest of the nationalities you list likely have problems with the Turks because historically they were areas that were either dominated/ruled by Turkey or the Ottoman Empire and resented the power imbalance between their nation and Turkey/Ottoman Empire, or were direct rivals to Turkey/Ottoman Empire's influence and power.

    The German/French phenomenon is more recent due to immigration patterns, the resentment of the other nations listed goes back hundreds of years.

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    I disagree to generalize things like this. some do hate but u can't really do anything about it, just let them be...

    we have lots of armenians still living in Turkey, very happy, i had a great armenian friend in school...

    There are so many Greek-Turk getting married and thats awesome. Because of the political issues, politicians may dislike eachother (i know its lame), but the people of the country should not ever dislike eachother, cuz thats just not fair...

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    the reasons can be various maybe their grand-parents told them something about turks or they read books from unbiased/biased sources

    why turks usually come to mind at first while all western european countries had much more bloody pasts so maybe there's something more deep inside of us you know what a turkish mean in the eyes of some europeans it could be a muslim equals terrorists, an invader,a different culture etc.

    its also really hard to forget the things if you were affected directly or indirectly by some events we can't hate everyone because of a few though

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    I have to disagree. Sure there are people who don't like certain nationalities, but to say that many do is inaccurate. I have many friends who are Bulgarian, Greek, etc who don't see it as a problem that I am Turk. People who hate a person just based upon their nationality is racist, narrow-minded, and WRONG.

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    Are you sure? Good job everyone else does like and is not prejudiced against the Turks then.

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