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Survey:Eating habits- Eating out vs. Home-cooked?

For dinner how often per week do you:

A. Eat fast food

B. Dine-in or carry-out Restaurant meal

C. Make dinner at home (mac and cheese, hamburger helper-type meal)

D. Make a home-cooked meal(not necessarily all from scratch but the main ingredients didn't come from a bag or box)

How does this compare to your families eating habits as a child?

How often are all members of your family together to eat dinner?

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    a. once or twice a week

    b. maybe once a week

    c.&d. the rest of the time, cause it's mainly the same thing.

    when i was a kid we rarely ever ate out anywhere. even having McDonalds was a HUGE deal back then.

    we try to eat together all the time, but since my son is now 16, he's 'out' more often.

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    A. Eat fast food: maybe twice a month. some nights coming home from work late and my husband has already eaten I swing through McDonald's for a burger or a salad

    B. Dine-in or carry-out Restaurant meal: pretty much never. My husband and I really don't ever go out unless it is with my parents.

    C. Make dinner at home (mac and cheese, hamburger helper-type meal): probably twice a week

    D. Make a home-cooked meal(not necessarily all from scratch but the main ingredients didn't come from a bag or box): most often. My daughter is 8 months old. I make all her food from scratch. My husband and I eat a lot of homemade pasta dishes, burgers, sandwiches, sometimes we make pizza. We even make stews sometimes. It just depends on the night and how tired we are.

    Growing up as a kid my family ate dinner together every single night. Now I have my own family and would like to do the same but with my husband's work schedule it isn't always possible.

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    A. Eat fast food... once a month

    B. Dine-in or carry-out Restaurant meal... once a month

    C. Make dinner at home (mac and cheese, hamburger helper-type meal)... 4 times a week

    D. Make a home-cooked meal(not necessarily all from scratch but the main ingredients didn't come from a bag or box)... 3 times a week

    How does this compare to your families eating habits as a child?.... my mom always made home-cooked meals 6 times a week. We ate fast food/carry out once a week.

    How often are all members of your family together to eat dinner? ...one or two days per week.

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    A: NEVER!

    B: Only on Special occasions, ie anniversary

    C: Occasional, but I use all-natural products so they do not contain all the preservatives, salts and fats that prepackaged food usually contains.

    D: Nearly EVERY night. You do not have to sacrifice time to make a very healthy home cooked meal like many people think. Just because it comes out of a box doesn't make it easier or faster, definitely not healthier.

    My mother always made home cooked meals, never anything out of a box or bag, most o the time from scratch! That is how she was raised...see the cycles repeats itself!

    We eat dinner as a family every night! Even on busy nights.

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    I make dinner almost every night, with the exception of one night a week when my husband has to eat dinner with his students on campus. Like last night - one had a cheese sandwich with fruit, the other had a toasted cheese with applesauce and carrots, I think. Once in awhile I'll make a rice dish that comes in the envelope, but most of the time will cook from scratch (with the exception of the frozen veggies).

    The last time we ate out for dinner was a few nights ago, which is unusual. We might eat out once or twice every couple months. Same with pizza, which is less now that I make my own.

    And we always eat together, except on that one night - I might be puttering around while the kids are at the table. But if my husband's there, we always sit down together.

    As a kid, we used to have sit down meals regularly until my older brother became a teenager and was busy, etc. Also, my stepdad complained that my mom's cooking was 'making him fat" (which was a load of crap). From then on it was more fend for yourself stuff, unfortunately. it's sad because ever since then my parents almost never sit down to eat together at home and often go out to eat. It's nice once in awhile, but too much just seems like a waste of money and it's not as satisfying, I don't think.

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    I would say D probably 4-5 nights a week. The rest of the time we either eat left overs, go to my parents, go out, or eat something easy. We don't eat fast food because my husband won't eat it. My husband and I eat together most nights. That is the way I grew up. My mom cooked almost every night and we always sat together as a family at the table (you were expected to be home by dinner time with very few exceptions).

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    Fast food - 1-3 times a month

    Restaurant - 1-3 times a month

    Convenience Food Dinner at home (including frozen meals & leftover night...) - 3-4 times a week

    Food from scratch at home - 3-4 times a week

    It's probably about the same as when I was growing up. We may have had pizza from a pizza place a little bit more often.

    We are pretty much all together for dinner every night. Sometimes dad sleeps because he works 3rd shift. Or, teen is sometimes doing teen stuff.

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    A or B - once a week.

    C. once a week.

    D. Every other night.

    My husband and daughter think things like hamburger helper is fantastic but I can't stand it. So I make stuff like that about once a week. Then we usually do either fast food or go out once a week. Every once in a while if it's been a rough day we'll feed the kiddo spaghettios and strawberries, send her to bed, and order a pizza but ordinarily we all eat dinner together. Our family's eating habits are pretty much exactly how it was when I was a kid and my husband's family was the same.

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    Mon - Thursday and Sat & Sun we always make a home made family dinner for whoever is at home to eat together <schedules don't always allow us all to be together>

    Fri - date nite for hubby & me - kids fend for themselves.

    Sat. lunch we are often out and about and do a sandwich run or Taco Bell many days.

    Sunday - we NEVER eat out

    Throughout the course of a month we MIGHT buy FAST FOOD or bring in Pizza ONCE a month.

    MOST ALL of our home cooked meals are HOME COOKED from scat ch. THIS is how we ate when I was a kid too although I NEVER recall EVER going to a restaurant as a kid and FAST FOOD didn't ever exist in my parents minds! FAMILY DINNER was just a nightly GIVEN!

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    a) less than once a week - once a month is more like it

    b) 1-2 times a week

    c) never -- kids won't touch the boxed meals.

    d) 5+ times a week. I love to cook.

    Comparing to my childhood...all of our meals came out of a can, stew, pasta, lunch meat, even our rice was cooked in campbells soup.

    We eat together almost every night, in the kitchen. The only time we don't is if one of the kids is at a sleepover, in most cases the other kid ends having a friend over so we still end up with the same number of people at the table.

  • Lydia
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    a. fast food once a month

    b. take out restaurant - usually from food court at mall - every two weeks

    c. dinner with pre-prepared stuff - once every two weeks

    d. Otherwise, always cook dinner from scratch

    Growing up, fast food maybe twice a year. Eat out at a restaurant once a year. Take out - three times a year. Otherwise, home cooking.

    Growing up, all meals together as a family. Same now, with our family.

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