what is the best college in the nation for a student studying astronomy?

i love astronomy i have since i was young now i'm starting to look into colleges i was thinking M.I.T but they don't offer a astronomy department so now i'm looking elsewhere please help

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    I hope you really love astronomy, because there really aren't any jobs in astronomy if you don't have a PhD in astronomy, astrophysics, or physics. And if you are going to get a PhD, you need to major in physics, not astronomy. A double-major in physics and astronomy, physics and math, or physics and computer science would be great, but the physics is essential - you can always pick up the astronomy in grad school, and many people will. So even if a school doesn't have an astronomy dept, you're looking for a good physics dept anyway. So MIT is great if you can get in, as are these other top schools for astrophysics - these are the top grad schools, remember, so getting into one will help you get into another for grad school, but you really can do physics anywhere and still get into grad school. Actually, doing undergrad at a top grad school can actually hurt a bit - it's harder to get a research project when you're competing with grad students. So don't just look at the big universities - consider liberal arts colleges as well.

    Top grad schools for astronomy : Harvard, Berkeley, CalTech, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, UC Santa Cruz, UCLA, U Colorado, Cornell, UT Austin, U Washington, U Arizona, Ohio State, U Chicago, U Toronto, UMass Amherst, U Virginia, U Michigan, Purdue, U Wisconsin, U Hawaii, and a bunch of others.

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    i do now not understand precisely have been you're, yet maximum community faculties furnish astronomy instructions. they won't have an astronomy branch, yet astronomy is often taught via the physics branch. i understand for particular that the college of Texas at Austin and San Diego State college in California have astronomy departments. So do many different institutions.

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