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what does high absolute monocytes mean on your blool results?

normal range is 200-950 cells/ul and i have mines at 1058.

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    Monocyte is a type of leukocyte, part of the human body's immune system. Monocytes have two main functions in the immune system: (1) replenish resident macrophages and dendritic cells under normal states, and (2) in response to inflammation signals, monocytes can move quickly (approx. 8-12 hours) to sites of infection in the tissues and divide/differentiate into macrophages and dendritic cells to elicit an immune response. Monocytes are usually identified in stained smears by their large bilobate nucleus.

    Monocytes are responsible for phagocytosis (ingestion) of foreign substances in the body. Monocytes can perform phagocytosis using intermediary (opsonising) proteins such as antibodies or complement that coat the pathogen, as well as by binding to the microbe directly via pattern-recognition receptors that recognize pathogens. Monocytes are also capable of killing infected host cells via antibody, termed antibody-mediated cellular cytotoxicity. Vacuolization may be present in a cell that has recently phagocytized foreign matter.

    A monocyte count is part of a complete blood count and is expressed either as a ratio of monocytes to the total number of white blood cells counted, or by absolute numbers. Both may be useful in determining or refuting a possible diagnosis. Monocytosis is the state of excess monocytes in the peripheral blood. It may be indicative of various disease states. Examples of processes that can increase a monocyte count include:chronic inflammation : stress response : hyperadrenocorticism : immune-mediated disease : infectious mononucleosis : pyogranulomatous disease :necrosis: red cell regeneration : Viral Fever : A high count of CD14+CD16+ monocytes is found in severe infection (sepsis) and a very low count of these cells is found after therapy with immuno-suppressive glucocorticoids

    With the fact that you are just 108 above the high value of a 750 range is significant. When you look at large ranges like that is usually means that you can get more out of the normal with out bieng critical. What did your doctor say about this value? Of course he is the expert and he would develop a treatment if needed. Although in my professional opinion, unless you have other symptons like fever, infection, or other symptons I wouldn't be concerned.

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      My Monocytes Absolute is 1.5+10E3Aut is that to high what can I do to help this

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    High Monocytes

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    Monocytes are the largest in size of the five types of white blood cells. Infection or acute stress increases the number of white blood cells which play a vital part in the immune system. Monocytes move to sites of infection and signal the immune system that a response is needed and are responsible for eliminating foreign substances. The absolute monocytes blood test measures the percentage of monocytes in relation to all white blood cells.


    Normal results of the absolute monocytes blood test are:
Monocytes: 2% to 8%


    A higher percentage in the absolute monocytes blood test can indicate:

    Parasite infection

    Viral infection


    Chronic inflammatory disease


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    A high level of monocytes could mean a number of things. They're a type of phagocyte - a type of cell found in your blood that 'eats' many types of attacking bacteria and other microorganisms when it matures. High levels could mean that you have an infection as more develop to fight it. However, if there's no trace of infection it could mean you have an auto-immune disease or a whole host of other things. It really depends on the other blood results as to determining what you have and what treatment you'll receive. You're best to ask the doctor.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    what does high absolute monocytes mean on your blool results?

    normal range is 200-950 cells/ul and i have mines at 1058.

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    Monocyte ABS 0.57 range (.24 to .36) Eosinophil ABS .37 Range (.08-.36) Absol Immat Gran 0.03 (0.00-0.03) sweeling feet, legs, arms , hands, severe fatigue, tightness in chest w shortness in breath 2-6 times a week. 35 year old female.

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    My 3 yr daughter has 14.1 percent and then ABS monocyte of,2.32 x 10e3/uL

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    my monocytes absolute is 954 its high taken from my blood test one week ago what is the meaning of this is this very bad result together with my hemoglobim /rbc/hematocrit could you kindly tell me about this result if it is very bad what causes this things to go up and low ? thank you marie

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    absolute monocytes of 1300 on my nieces labs and they are saying its normal? is this true...

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