business grad school for comp sci major?

I'm a sophomore right now, heading into my Junior year in the coming September.

I'm a Computer Science major and I'd like to go to business school after college. I have a very high GPA and lots of research experience. I was wondering, since I've only taken one intro to macroeconomics course, should I take a few more economics courses to prepare to entrance in to an MBA program? Also, I know many business schools want their students to have prior working experience in business, what could I do, perhaps over the summer or after college, to strengthen my application? I can't just intern with a "manager" of some sort and I have no interest in computer science management.

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    "I can't just intern with a "manager" of some sort and I have no interest in computer science management."

    I'm not sure what that means - you don't want to work in the computer science business? Why are you majoring in CS and what do you want to do eventually? By research experience do you mean research projects in academic labs or in classes?

    I'm not an expert, but for experience I would recommend getting an computer science internship / job with a smaller or start-up company. This would be the most practical: you can expect to be hired based on your qualifications as a CS student. Also, you can get more intimate exposure to the business models such companies use and to people actually interested in business. In a larger company, you will inevitably be more distant from the realities of this.

    I think a lot of people who attend business school have been in the workforce for a couple of years at least. That experience not only informs the decision to go to business school, but also serves to start networking within the industry one intends to go into. It would definitely benefit you, but I suppose you can go straight from undergraduate if you want to. As long as you can convince the admissions committees that you're ready for business school and it's exactly what you want, I guess that's all that matters.

    This is just my opinion. Good luck.

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