Code to hide my myspace music player with no space but still play...?

Every code I have used has left a space. I don't want that gap, is there a code for it. If the code didn't have the link in it to get to the website showing on my page that would be awesome.

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    I thought people liked having those link advertisements showing on their page. Those sites are so popular, and so many of them just copy their code from sites that don't force the visible links onto your page.

    I do have code to completely hide the player, and it removes the extra space, and it does not put a visible ad or link onto your page (the link is in the code, but it does not show up on your page).

    But may I instead recommend that you just minimize the player, to maybe just a start/stop button?

    You can even color it to blend in, and put it in one of the top corners.

    For code to do this, go here:

    However, if after considering the alternative, you still want to hide your player completely, for that code go here:

    But keep the following in mind:

    - Some uses will leave your page, if they can not turn the music off (this includes me, if I am trying to help you troubleshoot a code problem)

    - Sometimes the music player does not autostart even if you have this set. I don't know the exact reason for this, but I suspect it is related to the pop up advertisement, that myspace has added to the playlist.

    If the viewer can at least see a start button, they can start the music.

    None of my code puts a visible ad or link onto your page. However, I do have link credits in my code, which are designed to be seen only by those actually reading the code.

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  • ooten
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    3 years ago

    bypass on your account settings and Miscellaneous and it says motor vehicle start up up my profile music participant. click the field next to it and shop settings and use in spite of the actual incontrovertible fact that code you % to conceal it google "hide myspace music participant" for codes.

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