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How do you feel when you see the fires in Australia?

I just want so much to help those poor people who have lost everything. What can we do?


I thank you all for suggesting ways that I can help. I find it beyond my comprehesion that people think it is funny, some nut cases subscribe to this.

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    I feel really sad about the fires. Some people say that the fires were set deliberately. That makes me very very mad/angry. Australia is a very dry country, and it is easy for fires to start, without the help of the evil human mankind. But here are ways to help the poor people in Australia.

    1. Do you live near a Coin-star Machine? If so then there should be an option of helping poor people. (I'm not sure if it goes to Australia but it might).

    2. Find out all you can about the problem. If you can find out as much information as you can about the problem, it'll help you understand more about what we can do. It'll also help you with idea # 3.

    3. Start a charity collection. Ask friends and family members to help. You might want to set up a collection at local businesses.

    4. Well... just think about it. Caring is one of the best things you can do for the people in Australia, and read this saying.

    Be careful of your thoughts for they become words.

    Be careful of your words for they become your actions.

    Be careful of your actions for they become your reputation.

    Be careful of your reputation for it becomes your character.

    Be careful of your character for it becomes your destiny.

    Well, those are ideas and I hope you sculpt them into actions.

    I hope that helps!

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    I feel emotionally gutted and extremely sad for all of the families who have lost so much.

    I read a story the other day about a father who was fleeing his home and had his family (wife and two daughters) in the the car. He went back into the house to grab something they had forgotten and when he returned to his car it was on fire. He was only able to save one of his daughters, his wife and 2nd daughter both died in the car before he could get them out.

    He went to a neighbour to get help for his baby, the neighbour stated that his skin was that badly burnt that it was dripping off him.

    I cried for ages after reading this, it really affected me.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!And to the first 2 people who said they feel happy, I just pray you or any of your loved ones don't ever have to go though the hell that these poor people have had to endure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think the best way to help is to give a donation to the Australian Red Cross.

    Source(s): Very proud Australian living in the UK
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    It's sad to see our Australian friends in trouble. Hope a help fund is set up quickly for them and UN rebuilding help issued. For those who set the fires I expect the justice system to deal harshly with them.

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    I don't know what we can do, but I feel the same way. It's horrible! Maybe there is a donation line type thing... I'm going to find out.

    edit: I can't find anything...


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    I dont understand whats there to be happy?

    it is very sad

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    i no, its soo bad, natural disasters are horribe. I think if people really did set off those fires, then they are sick bastar*s that should go to hell to be honest!

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    glad I'm not down wind. We can send support, pray and help

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    sad for the kolas!

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    I feel kinda happy...

  • 1 decade ago

    i feel happy

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