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Is my adhd gone for good?

My doctor increased my strattera to 120mg and commenced Vyvanse 50mg. I feel so different: I feel really calm, focused, have organized and clear thoughts and I am not aggressive as I used to me. In addition, a major improvement is that I am not oppositional anymore, where before Vyvanse and strattera that got me fired from a job and in trouble with the law. When my mom asked me to do chores, I did them without any hesitation; which further exemplifies my improvement in behavior. My only worries is that the medication will wear off, or will stop working. Can anyone share their experience on Vyvanse and do the effects wear off? How long have you been taking it? So far it is much smoother than Adderall and does not make me hyper like Adderall did.

I also take lamictal and trazadone for my depression, which was treated first before my treatment of ADHD. But Other than that, I feel so stabalized and "normal" for the first time in my life! I am for the first time eating a helathy 1,000 calorie diet/low carb, quit smoking, working, and running daily. I mean dont you guys think this is the right combination of medication? So far it is working great!


I will never stop my medication, I really need it. Some people, like my brother, will say I do not need Vyvanse,or lamictal, but he does not understand ADHD, or the other disorders that are commonly linked to it: Bi-polar Disorder, ODD, OCD, Conduct Disorder, and Major Depression, like in my case.

Regarding Vyvanse and Strattera, my moods are so stable! I dont get depressed or sucidial at all! The Vyvanse really calms me down, its so different than adderall. I feel I have clarity in my thoughts and I can focus. I am not even hyperactive and it helped me quit smoking.

I mean no one in here understands how messed up I was before I was put on these type of medications. First adderall made me really hyper so I did things that werent typical of me: I got fired from a job (lying for attention and depressed), driving out of control, hyperactive, eating junk food.

There is no high from vyvanse like what adderall did, but at least it calms me down. Thanks everyone.

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    First of all, you should know that you are very lucky. A lot of people spend years and years trying to find the right combo of meds for them. Your ADHD is not gone, it is managed by the medications. The medications should continue to manage it, but it is important to let the doctor know if you start to have symptoms again so that he can tweek them again. It is also very important that you do not stop taking them for any reason, or change when you take them with out consult of a doctor. I know people who have stopped taking medication that has worked well for them for whatever reason. When they tried to go back on the same medication it did not work for them. The reason for that, I do not know.

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    Well, if the Vyvanse or the Strattera starts to become less effective, it could mean that you need a higher dosage. (It's not uncommon for people to have to increase the dosage when they take prescription meds.) And to answer your question, there is no cure for ADHD. Your best bet would probably be to keep taking your meds and to try various other methods for controlling some of the side effects of the disorder.

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