Can somebody give me some suggestions on dark lotus, icp, and twiztid songs and say the names of the cds?

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    Here is some great songs -

    Dark Lotus -

    bad rep - Tales From The Lotus Pod

    ***** i'm sexy - Tales From The Lotus Pod

    I wanna die - Tales From The Lotus Pod

    KaBoom - Black Rain

    Pass The Axe - Black Rain

    She Was - Black Rain

    ICP -

    The Juggla - Carnival of Carnage

    Wizard of The Hodd - Carnival of Carnage

    Mr. Johnson's Head - Ringmaster

    Chicken Huntin' - Riddlebox

    Dead Body Man - Riddlebox

    Down With The Clown - The Great Milenko

    Halls of illusion - The Great Milenko

    Great Milenko - The Great Milenko

    Hokus Pokus - The Great Milenko

    Piggie Pie - The Great Milenko

    How Many Times? - The Great Milenko

    Under The Moon - The Great Milenko

    What Is A Juggalo - The Great Milenko

    House Of Horrors -The Great Milenko

    Boogie Woogie Wu - The Great Milenko

    The Neden Game - The Great Milenko

    I Want My **** - The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

    Bitches - The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

    Another Love Song - The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

    EveryBody Rize - The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

    Mad Professor - The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

    Assassins - The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

    **** The World - The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

    Nothings Left - The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

    Tilt-A-Whirl - Bizaar

    Rainbows and Stuff - Bizaar

    Behind The Paint - Bizaar

    Please Don't Hate Me - Bizaar

    Mr. Happy - Bizzar

    Let's Go All The Way - Bizzar

    $50 Bucks - Pendulum

    The Amazing Maze - Pendulum

    Welcome To The Show - Shangri-La

    Homies - Shangri-La

    Blaaam!!! - Shangri-La

    Murder Rap - Shangri-La

    Cotton Candy & Popsicles - Shangri-La

    Crossing Thy Bridge - Shangri-La

    The Unveiling - Shangri-La

    Walk Into The Darkness - Hell's Pit

    Everyday I Die - Hell's Pit

    The Night of The 44 - Hell's Pit

    Bowling Balls - Hell's Pit

    Ride The Tempest - The Tempest

    Alley Rat - The Tempest

    Haunted Bumps - The Tempest

    Growing Again - The Tempest

    Hum Drum Boogie - The Tempest

    I Do This! - The Tempest

    What About Now? - The Tempest

    Watch My Ride - The Tempest

    News At 6 O'Clock - The Tempest

    The Party - The Tempest

    ***** I Lied - The Tempest

    Play My Song - The Tempest

    Mexico City - The Tempest

    If I Was A Serial Killer - The Tempest

    Yellow Bus - Eye of The Storm

    That's not even half ICP's Songs, but those are my favorites.

    Twiztid -

    We Don't Die - Freak Show

    Fall Apart - Freak Show

    Afraid of Me - The Green Book

    Darkness - The Green Book

    Marsh Lagoon - The Green Book

    Welcome Home - Independence Day

    Monster - Independence Day

    Sex, Drugs, Money & Murder - Independence Day

    Bussyoheadopen - Independence Day

    Raw Deal (The Juggalo Song) - Independence Day

    How I Live - Independence Day

    My Favorite - Independence Day

    Monster's Ball - Independence Day

    Bury 'Em All - Independence Day

    Wrong With Me is a good song, but I forgot what album it's on.

    you should also check out some Boondox, Blaze, Psychopathic Rydas and ABK

    Source(s): My iTunes
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  • 4 years ago

    I have heard all ICP songs because i have all of there albums. Simply because they are hilarious.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    eminem killed icp man...he battled them single handed. get curtain call by eminem...u must like white rappers huh?

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