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I want to know the basic rules of pig latin?

I only know a little of how to speak pig latin and I want all the rules!

I know like oday eakspay igpay atlinay? But I dont even know if that is right!! I just want the basic rules like for expample how would I say very if it already ends in y?

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    you drop the first syllable of the word and put the syllable that you dropped + ay at the end of the word so hamburger becomes amburgerhay and pig latin in pig latin would be igpay atinlay . There are many different dialects of pig latin in vowels. usually what people do is add way to any first syllable starting with a vowel. In that case, honest would become honest-way due to the vowel sound. According to Economic Expert, "the letter "a" becomes "a-way", "a-yay", "a-hay", or "a-ay"" You should shoose a dialect you feel confortable with.

    summing up, can you translate this into English?

    Is-thay is-way an-way example-way of-way Ig-pay Atin-lay. As-way ou-yay an-cay ee-say, its-way illy-say, ut-bay ots-lay of-way un-fay or-fay ildren-chay.

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    it is fairly ordinary, yet takes prepare. the priority-unfastened rule is which you're taking the 1st letter of a notice (or letter team if it is th, st, tr, etc...), get rid of it, and upload it to the tip of the understanding with the suffix "ay". case in point: "notice" may well be "ordway", "lady" may well be "irlgay". Your question (spelled out phonetically) may well be reported, "Owhay ooday ooyah eekspay igpay atinlay? Utswhay eethay asicbay oolesray?" With single letter words or short words initiating with vowels it is as much as you what ending to characteristic. case in point "i'm in" may well be "I-yay ambay inyah." i might almost forgotten a thank you to do it till I had my youngsters. Now that they have got found out a thank you to spell, it is the only way i can communicate something secret to my husband. Utbay Iyay etbay eythey atchcay onbay oonsay. Oodgay ucklay!

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    The first letter goes poof. You say 'ay' at the end. It's that simple.

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    trash becomes ash tray

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