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California's population...did it triple from 1849-1855?

during the gold rush how much did californias population increase by??

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    California, the nation's most populous state, had a resident population of 29,760,021 at the time of the 1990 census, with a population growth rate of more than 25% during the 1980s (compared to the national growth rate of 9.8%). California has had a high rate of population growth ever since it became a state in 1850. In the post-World War II era, the highest growth rates (of about 50%) occurred in the decades 1940-50 and 1950-60. Much of the growth stems from the large numbers of persons migrating into the state.

    The great majority of California's inhabitants are white, but there are significant communities of minority groups. The state's Asian population, which grew by 127% between 1980 and 1990, is the fastest growing ethnic group, and Asians now make up nearly 10% of California's population. Within the various Asian communities, San Francisco's Chinese-American community is perhaps the best known. Many from that group are descended from persons who immigrated during 1850-79 to work in the goldfields and on railroad construction. Persons of Hispanic origin, with a 69.2% population-growth rate (about 25% of the total state population) comprise the second-fastest-growing ethnic group in the state. The heaviest concentration of Hispanics (known as Chicanos) is found in Los Angeles County, where the group comprises nearly 40% of the population. The black population, which grew by 21.4% during the 1980-90 decade, constitutes 7.4% of the total state population, about the same as during the previous decade. There are also about 242,164 American Indians (nearly 1% of the state's population) in California. The largest religious denomination in California is the Roman Catholic church; large Protestant bodies include Baptists, Episcopalians, Methodists, and Presbyterians. There is also a sizable Jewish community.

    Most of California's population is classified as urban, and in 1990 the state had 44 cities with 100,000 or more inhabitants. The largest city, by far, is Los Angeles, followed by, in order of decreasing population within the city proper, SAN DIEGO, SAN JOSE, San Francisco, LONG BEACH, OAKLAND, SACRAMENTO (the capital), FRESNO, SANTA ANA, ANAHEIM, RIVERSIDE, and STOCKTON, all of which have populations greater than 200,000. Most of California's major urban areas are located near the Pacific coast.

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    Yes California's population was a major jump bee tween that time. According too wikipedia in 1850 the state of california's population was around 90,000 and in 1860 jumped too around 380,000 and by 1890 reaching around 1,200,000! In 1860 it increased by a percentage of 310% and then in 1890 40%. Check out wikipedia for any future questions you may have since that way you may be able too save points lol. You can find anything and I have learned so much from it!

    - Chris

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    yes it did =D

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