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sport day

I need 8 about sport day word

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    There are still many competition left, I took a set on the seat to look at the athlete to compete. When the noon time arrive, I go with Sam to eat my lunch. After finished the lunch, we return to the athletic field to look at the competition. Then, until half pass four, the school time is over. On the second date of the sport day, it was basically entire date to holds the final competition. Everybody put all their effort to do the competitions. The atmosphere of the place was brought to climax. Finally, it is the time to have the result. My class also win this competition.

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    Last week is my school Sport Day . I hope that a long time . And, that separate two days to hold it .

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    In the first day , I had two race to join .One is 400 m race and the another one is 4 x 400 m . Because I only join one race last year and feel so bored .

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    This years I total to attend three contest and all in the morning .When someone called me to contest , I feel so nerves .Then , in turn me to contest . When the race stated , I am the first one but I feel so tired later .

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    Finally , I got the last one . I don’t sad because I think myself got the first one or the last . I also happy .

    In lunch time , my friends and I were going to a restaurant ate some food and I ate many food this time .

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    In second day , I also had a race .It is 1500m .At the begin , I don認t think myself is crazy for to join 1500m .But I finished the contest , I know why the other classmate said me is crazy enough .Because it is so hard .

    These tow days , made me feel the sport is a so difficult for me .

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    Do you mean you want 8 words about Sports Day? Hope it helps:

    warm-up, win, an exciting race, break record, marshall, disqualify, heat, semi-final, personal best, meet standard....

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