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? asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago






According to above mentioned, those factories produce the toxic gas and liquid waste that to

cause the grave pollution. Also I charged the environmental assessment, and I observed that

each company attempted to hide defects when someone checked the factory…







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    As mentioned above, these factories were discharging toxic gases and contaminated liquid, severely polluting the environment.

    Part of my job involved environmental assessment. While doing this task I noticed that many of these companies with defects in environmental control were making concious attempts to cover up their problems from the inspector.

    It was as a result of doing a Master course in Spain, studying subjects relating to the EU that I truly came to realize the global nature of environmental issues. They constantly affect all aspects of our life. It is for this reason that the issues of environmental protection should be a deep concern for mankind.

    第一段第一句的 As the above mentioned 一般都用在法律條文中, 要避免。 可以用 As mentioned above 或 As stated above 此類不帶法律意味的語句。 The above mentioned 非常 ' 官味 '。

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