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1. Rick decided to give up drinking when he was informed by his doctor of the ___ effects of alcohol. (A. obscene B. bizarre C. ambivalent D. toxic)

2. War ___ after a long period of peace. (A. submerged B. emerged C. erupted D. vanished)

3. The psychiatrist charges $5,000 per hour for his ___. (A. diagnosis B. hypothesis C. thesis D. osteoporosis)

4. He tackled me and ___ the ball to his chest. (A. pitted B. perceived C. delayed D. clutched)

5. Have you ever had the ___ of losing a lover? (A. anguish B. reference C. obsession D. allure)

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    1.A. obscene 猥褻的 B. bizarre 怪異的 C. ambivalent 雙重標準的 D. toxic 有毒的

    A: D toxic → toxic effect of alcohol酒精中毒

    2.A. submerged 淹沒 B. emerged 出現,發生 C. erupted 發疹 D. vanished 消失

    A: B emerged 發生 → 在一段長時期的和平過後,戰爭發生了。

    3.A. diagnosis 診斷 B. hypothesis 假設 C. thesis 論點 D. osteoporosis 骨質疏鬆症

    A: A diagnosis 診斷 相信不需要我解釋

    4.A. pitted 使凹陷 B. perceived 察覺到 C. delayed 延遲 D. clutched 緊抓

    A:D clutched 緊抓在胸前

    5.A.anguish 悲痛 B. reference參考 C.obsession 妄想 D. allure 誘惑

    A: anguish → the anguish of losing a lover 失去愛人的悲痛

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