Ok im getting a new laptop and i really like the apple ones but im so used to p.c. the brand i have for all my computers is compaq because it plays all my sims games really well i have 2 of their laptops and 1 desktop my laptop now is about 3 years old and it runs slow so im thinking of either this laptop:


Any other suggestions? and i need the laptop to be able to play the sims2 and 3 when it comes out but because i own sims2 for pc i'd have to re-buy and have doubles one for pc and one for mac

So should i stick with pc or go with mac?And which computer?

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    1 decade ago
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    Stay with the PC, here are reasons why..

    (With your 3yr old laptop, try installing Ubuntu Linux and dual boot, you can also virus/spyware check restore your windows to default and get it running faster) for more on this e-mail me

    PC=Variety of specs, options, quality, prices, vendors, support

    Mac=One vendor, limited options, still more expensive. Look below for more information..

    Today, Macs use the same hardware as PCs. Why spend extra to get the same CPU chips, graphics cards and OS X isn't as secure as you think..

    A number of PCs can also run OS X (Mac OS) as well just that Apple makes it illegal in order to get Market share.. The reason why Mac can run native Windows is because it is using a subset of PC hardware,

    If you decide to buy a Mac for running Windows, you will still have to get the same virus/spyware protection, and run into the same issues as a regular PC.

    Now is a Mac worth buying for OS X?

    I say: NO... for the following reasons...


    Aprox 90% of the market is Windows and most PCs have windows already pre-installed.

    1) Some websites require Internet Explorer, to run IE on Mac you really get ies4osx which is the Windows version of IE running really buggy and illegal if you don't have a legitimate copy of Windows.

    2) Supports devices (printers and other things you hook into the computer).

    3) More business software/games

    4) Want the dock on OS X (Mac)? google/yahoo rocketdock, objectdoc.

    5) Used by businesses.


    1) FREE (most versions are)

    2) Install software by eitjher 1) Synaptic Package Manager, 2) Add/Remove 3) Opening a .deb or .rpm file (depending on distribution)

    2) Like the Mac OS X effects? go yahoo/google COMPIZ FUSION which can do any cool effect a Mac can do and many ore....

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    (there is no flickering when you use it like on the video, not sure why the person has the flicker)

    3) Mac OS X Doc? google/yahoo Avant Window Navigator.Cairo Dock,

    Youtube thumbnail

    4) It is FASTERr/MORE SECURE to surf on the internet

    5) Some Windows programs work with Wnehq/Crossover (also avail on Mac, but why pay $$$)

    Instructions how to download, burn and boot

    Dual Boot Instructions


    Mac OS X was hacked in 2006 less than 30 minutes, and within 2 minutes in a contest in 2008 . Linux and Vista were not hacked until another day when restrictions were lowered. Vista was next, and then Linux.

    Macs are standardized with Cameras, if your Mac gets hacked, the hacker can turn on your camera with more ease.

    Please Note: All OS's have vulnerabilities.


    Mac OS X has viruses (and significantly on the rise), a friend of mine has a virused Mac. As more users use Macs, more viruses will come out for it. Especially when users think "they are safe".


    Contrary to belief, Macs are not better quality. Apple also has been changing suppliers to try to "lower the price" and thus lowering quality. Even with the lower prices, Macs still cost more, they spend a higher percent of budget trying to make it look pretty, and marketing.

    Sample of problems: Overheating Macbooks, OS X- not responding to keyboard, some units with 16bit screens, etc. Apple statistics are misleading since Mac users with problem machines are more likely to go out and buy a new computer than PC users. Apple is lowering prices which means you can expect lower quality than in the past. Apple had switched the manufacturers producing parts. OS X also has problems slowing down.

    Repairs are more expensive than PCs since the IMac, Mac Mini are compact units, and Apple charges a premium for their services. Some repairs can be done by another repair service but the compact design of the computer causes problems.

    With an IMac, if the problem is with the monitor, the whole computer would have to be brought in.

    IMac and Mac mini lack expansion.


    A similar equipped PC is much cheaper to purchase than Mac. Lets use Dell (but you can compare with another PC Brand if you like)


    Dell Inspiron Laptop $849 dropped to $799

    15" Screen

    CPU: (upgrade to) 2.1GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

    Graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100

    Memory: 3GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM

    Hard Drive: 320GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm

    Optical Drive: Blu-ray Disc Combo (DVD+/-RW + BD-ROM) - WRITES DVDS,CDS, READS Blue-Ray Disks

    Macbook $1349 just dropped to $1224

    13" Screen (SMALLER)

    CPU: 2.1GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (SAME)

    Graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 (SAME)

    Memory: (upgrade to) 2GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM (LESS RAM)

    Hard Drive (upgrade to) 250GBSerial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm (SMALLER HARD DRIVE)

    Optical Drive: (DVD-ROM/CD-RW) - (Writes CDs, DVDs, cannot read Blue-Ray) (WORSE AND 1/2 SPEED)


    PLEASE NOTE: I compare Apple Mac's vs Dells best deal. If you really want an all-in one the Dell all-in-one has more ram, wireless keyboard and mouse and equivalent to $400 for free making the Imac still more expensive when you matching specs. Personally I don't think the All-in-Ones are a good choice, and consider them overpriced, lack expandability and repairs both more expensive and require the entire computer.

    PS: Apple knows that they need to make Macintosh look different than PC so all Macs except the Mac Pro will not have a tower option. Apple's low end lacks expandability but it makes the Mac "look different", if Mac had a tower for low-end, more people would realize the similarities between the two.

    Dell: (At The Moment) Specs Below costs $809

    CPU: 2.4 GHZ Dell Inspiron QUAD (4 Processor) CORE

    SCREEN: 20inch Screen

    MEMORY: 3GB Ram

    HARD DRIVE: 500 GB hard Drive

    OPTICAL DRIVE: 16x DVD/CD Read/Writer

    GRAPHICS: (upgrade to ) ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO 128MB

    The Mac Mini since it has no monitor, keyboard, mouse, very skimpy on options and setup and is not the best deal... The IMac is better price than the Mac Mini.

    IMac ($1400)

    CPU: 2.4 GHZ DUAL (2 Processor) CORE (SLOWER CPU)

    SCREEN: 20inch Screen

    MEMORY: (upgrade to) 2GB Ram (LESS RAM)

    HARD DRIVE: (upgrade to ) 500 GB hard Drive

    OPTICAL DRIVE: 8x DVD Reader/Writer (1/2 speed)

    GRAPHICS: ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO 128MB

    Equivalents to ILife


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  • 4 years ago

    You obviously do not know what you are talking about. PC means personal computer. Apple computers are personal computers, aren't they? No? Then tell me what they are, please. A " PC " would never last as long? It seems to me you think that Apple uses magical hardware or something. It doesn't. Or maybe you think the OS is superior? Everything has it's problems, even if it is based on BSD, but I bet you didn't even know that. I have a Dell from 2001 that works fine. Apple computers do not use magical hardware that never breaks, please understand that. It's computer illiterate people who can't make computers last.

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  • 1 decade ago


    It mainly depends on what you will use it for? Gaming I recommend stick with the PC. With Apple sporting an Intel under the sleek shell it has power equal to the PC but a little more expensive. If you are looking for a PC brand laptop and are on a budget I would recommend ASUS or Gateway. Customer reviews at Bestbuy do not do HP (Hewlett Packard) justice however their specifications look good. I would go for ASUS or Gateway, I would recommend DELL which is higher quality but they are more expensive.

    Hope you are happy with your choice,


    Source(s): customer product reviews
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    1 decade ago

    Truthfully. Mac is a completely different operating system. works almost nothing like Windows. if you're use to windows you'll have to relearn everything. my personal opinion is Windows are better. Macs are more for company computers. they run faster but they can't run half the things you'd usually run on windows. and if you get good at using mac's you can only help yourself. haha the majority of people use windows. So if you have a problem with mac most people can't help you.

    Honestly unless this is for a work computer go for Windows. if you plan on doing anything at all other then work Windows is what you want. MAC is to restricted.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ok the first thing with a mac you can get a windows emulator to play sims so that you don't need to buy two games. But why buy mac when you can get the same stuff for free with linux. so I say get a pc then get linux if you do all that music/video stuff. but if your not cool with computers then stick with pc

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    mac's suck and are way over priced to get a mack thats actually good u need to spend 7000 dollars stick with pc

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you've always used PC then stick with PC. You will hate Mac. Plus they are junk

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Stick with PC. In my opinion, Macs suck. They're overpriced and not designed for gaming at all.

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