Bantu political and intellectual history?

Can anyone tell me about the Bantu peoples government and inventions or ideas they created from 500 BC - 1400s?

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    Well its only the most important ethnic group to ever have lived!

    Jokes, jokes, Nah the Bantue did a lot firstly they basically took over all of west africa from south africa right up to senegal. They are the dominant groups inmany of these countries.

    Naxtly most of the major civilizations at that time where Bantus. During the 1400s, the mali was Bantu and Mali was the world power, it was the center of Islam(the most important religion at the time) and science, and culture, kinda like america today and it was founded by Bantus. Under Usman don fodio they created the 2 largest empire in africa as well including the super powerful youroba states.

    The Bantus were also masters of war, they basically took over all of west africa and went as far north as morocco and even into spain, portugal, sicily and south france.

    The most important cultures you will want to research that are bantu or largely bantu are the wagadoo empire(mali), ancient ghana, nigeria, and south african zulu, don't forget great zimbabwe.

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    I suggest you start with searching the phrase Bantu migration so there is no one Bantu people. Like the ProtoIndoEuropeans they dispersed in several cultures and nations and merged with local residents.

    Or focus on one group like the ancestors of the Zulus?

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