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Where do you think I could meet Robert Pattinson Or Taylor Lautner?

I live in dallas, and during the summer im going to be bored, and they'll most likely be on tour I might as well try to meet them! Soo do you know if they'll be comming to dallas??? I promise i'll choose a best answer :)

just give me some good details.

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    oh honey I am not sure but I don't actually believe they will be doing promo for the movie until the fall. Release date for New Moon is not until November. Shooting will be in Washington, Canada (I do believe) and in Italy. I think they are starting in Italy so they will probably be shooting in the states by summer. I do have an idea for you tho. Use the fansites. They are pretty reliable, especially and there is also

    So you are going to have to do your research. There isn't going to be too much advance information on where he will be and when so you will have to do your homework. Robert makes his home in London and in LA so LA is probably the best place to bump into him.

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    Hey Bree,

    Sorry but i don't even know who these people are lol

    but I wish you luck on that :D

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