Best cellphone service in Canada in your opinion and why?! :)?

I'm getting a phonee .

and i want to know the best service like koodoo liek like solo or rodgers telus, you know .

i want a plan with unlimited texting, freee hours after a certain hour, three way calling, caller id. etc etc but all for a very affordable and worthile price :) any suggestions?

also any nice celllphones made for texting?

thank guys please share your experiences, and opinions!

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    They are basically the same as telus, they use the same towers, do you have the best reception in remote areas.

    They are cheap. I have unlimited messaging, fave 5, free incoming calls, calls free You cannot get that with any other company.

    On the few occasions there was a problem, they were really quick to fix it. Telus is known for having HORRIBLE customer service.Also, no contracts.

    I have the LG shine through them, they also have the keybo which is a texting phone a samsung,and a couple motorolas ( I dont recommend them) I also didn't have to pa a deposit where the other companies would have charged me one.

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    I am with Virgin Mobile and I LOVE IT!!! I use to be with telus and i had major problems! They have awesome customer care and they are affordable. I have the text and talk plan. I pay 25 dollars a month for unlimited texting, 100 anytime minutes and 1000 Evening and weekend minutes. They include 3 way calling, conference calling and some other features for free. CALLER ID IS NOT ONE OF THEM!!

    They also carry the LG Rumor, it has the slide out keyboard. That is the phone I have and I LOVE IT :)

    Check the site out.

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    I use Telus,... they surely are not the cheapest, by any stretch, but every time i have had a problem they have been within 5 minutes wait time and been glad to credit my account for errors / help me into a different plan, they have been very good customer srvc, but not the cheapest by any means, so up to you what matters most. Also, they have given me great service out to cottage country i've never had a dropped call

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