What are Benign Non-Essential Tremors?

My daughter was diagnosed with it. She also has migraines. No one that we know of has this problem but they do have anxiety. Should I have her tested for that? They have done blood work, CT scan of her head and that was all they did. The neurologist did basic movements and looked at test the fam. Dr. ran and diagnosed this condition. She is fourteen and a very good artist with goals of going to college in this area. She is also high strung she shows every emotion on her sleeve. Please help with advice and references that I can look to if you can.

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    Are you sure it was non-essential, because I've only heard of benign essential tremor. It is a shaking of the hands, sometimes the voice and head too, when they are active. It is often passed down in families...my family has it, I have it. Just a shaking of the hands, no big deal. Google "essential tremor" for more info on this.

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    3 years ago

    Benign Non Essential Tremor

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