Can They LEGALLY Tell Me This?

Recently, I wrote a detailed complaint letter to my apartment manager/landlord about a neighbor problem. In which, I informed them of the many times that the police had been called to the residence due to multiple reasons (drugs, noise, disputes, etc), and that this problem has not been addressed by the staff of the apartment in the 10+ times each building has complained. It was not offensively worded, nor was it incendiary in any way, shape or form.

I was responded via letter taped to my door yesterday that was two pages long, and quite insulting. A portion reads: "Keep out of everyone's business. DO NOT call the cops on your neighbors, that is not your job. Let us deal with the problems. If you don't have anything nice to say- don't say anything at all."

Further down the letter, she begins to tell me this: "You live in a one bedroom apartment, and only two people are allowed to live in this apartment. If you have guests over more than seven times per year, they are considered occupants."

My question(s) are:

1) Can they legally order me to not call the police?

2) Can they legally tell me that a single person can not visit my apartment more than seven times per year-- when this is NOT stated in the lease?


If no, can someone tell me if I can report this to the appropriate authorities- and how it should be done?

Update 2:

If anyone is interested, here is the letter that I wrote:

And here is the letter I received (in its EXACT form, only retyped):

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    1---If the noise and traffic in and out of an apartment is too much, yes, you have the right to call the police for a distubance call.

    A.--Once you have called the police, put it in writing also and put in your apt office door so the manager can see what you did.....and keep a copy for yourself....No Apartmetn complex can tell you that you cannot call the police if you feel threatened or disturbed by loud neigh bors.

    2--And, no, they cannot tell you that you are not allowed to have guests in your apartment, you pay rent and you are entitled to have visitors, as long as they do not stay over several days in a row...Call the Housing Authority and they will tell you the same can have visitors.....and your lease does not say you cannot have visitors, and by the manager telling you this in writing, she is legally breaking your lease.....she cannot come up and change things in the middle of a lease, it is not legal.

    3---Get the Corporate office number and address to the owners or management company that runs it for them, she is only the manager and does not make the policies..

    Send them a copy of her letter, and make sure you highlight the part saying you cannot have visitors and also enclose a copy of your lease, and point out, that is not stated in your lease.

    The Management Company will contact her and let her know she has overstepped her authority

    We have all kinds of Stupid Managers that try to overstep their boundaries and make new rules as they please, and guess what the Management Company looses each time, cause legally their manager broke the lease by saying things like this....

    If it is not outlined in the lease, then they are legally breaking the lease, if they also ever try to change the rent during a lease cycle, that is legally breaking the lease and they cannot raise the rent till time for the new lease to come up..

    If you are under lease, they cannot change the rent or any wording in your lease, untill that lease expires and a new one is about to be signed.

    Do not let change the terms of your lease, and the police thing, she is way out of line, she is Walking all over your Constitutional Rights, telling you that you cannot call police if needed...This is ike saying, don't call the police is someone is about to kill you, wait and see what happens LOL

    Any Judge would rule against her actions in she needs to be put in her place and let her Management Company do it for you, so you do not have to confront her....

    Good luck

    Source(s): Paralegal 21 yrs she is legally breaking your lease...
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    Of course they can legally tell you anything but in terms of enforcement:

    No. If you feel threatened you can call the police. The police will decide and discipline for improper calls.

    No. If your lease doesn't state it. Plus it sounds like a ridiculous rule.

    It may be that the landlord is involved in the illicit behaviour. But most likely the landlord is sick of getting complaints (from their inaction to deal with the problem) and they find it easier to threaten everyone who is complaining with eviction rather than dealing with the problem and kicking out the unsavoury people.

    I would wait until you could have an alternate place to live before you try to fight this. They are not dealing with a problem that they should be and on top of that they are threatening you with eviction which is unsubstantiated. Even though they may be taken out as a landlord and someone else take over the building, the legal system will take time to catch up and you might be living in a worse situation until it does.

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    Everyone is right with the no's. As someone who works in the apartment industry, anyplace that will not evict when there are multiple police reports is up to something or is running a slum. Talk to a lawyer with the letter in hand, you should be able to get out of your lease because by being ordered to not call the police you can not reasonably feel safe in this apartment community.

    As far as the guests, the industry standard is that if someone is going to be staying with you more than seven days you need to register them at the office and as always you are responsible for them.

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    "1) Can they legally order me to not call the police?"

    Of course they can. They can legally order you to dance on top of the parking garage in a pink Tutu every Friday if they want to. What they *can't* do is enforce it. They can order you not to call the cops. You can go ahead and call them anyway. Nothing they can do about it.

    "2) Can they legally tell me that a single person can not visit my apartment more than seven times per year-- when this is NOT stated in the lease?"

    Again, they can tell you anything they want. You are under no obligation to listen to them. If what you're doing does not violate any specific written term of your lease, then they cannot enforce an order to stop doing it.

    "If no, can someone tell me if I can report this to the appropriate authorities- and how it should be done?"

    There, is, as yet, nothing to report. If you call the cops and they try to evict you for doing so, THEN you have grounds for legal action.


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    I agree with "Lou"----I bet you a million bucks that the landlord probably has connections with the druggies. In addition, if they truly cared about their tenants, they would NOT tell you to mind your own business.

    The whole "guest more than 7 times a year" thing is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS! They are worried about a guest visiting, but they're NOT worried about cops....and druggies....and disturbances??? Something is not adding up here----it just doesnt make sense and it seems fishy.

    Sounds like they just dont want to take responsibilty---bottom line. Major loser landlord! Sorry you have to deal with this. Thing is-----if I had to go as far as suing my landlord-----its a hint that I SHOULD NOT be livin' there to begin with.

    Best of luck to you----hope you find a great new place.

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    Keep that letter they put on your door.

    Just because you live there does not mean you give

    up your rights as a citizen.

    It could be looked at as a threat.

    I would take all of this to a lawyer.

    Actually I would move because obviously they are only interested in renting to druggies. Maybe they are selling drugs also.

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    1) No, they can not legally order you not to call the police.

    2) No, they can not amend your lease agreement.

    Whoever composed that letter should be fired for incompetence.


    Edit: You have no reason to contact the authorities. However, if the LL tries to evict you for either of their illegal reasons, you will have a reason to take action.

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    Calls to the police should remain confidential, so feel free.

    and no, they cannot change/alter your lease

    unless it says that in the lease... but thats the dumbest thing i've ever heard

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    NO NO NO do not listen to the person who wrote it....

    and the Additional detail answer: take it down to the station, whoever wrote it is blackmailing you with the threat of eviction.

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