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Who is a good person to write a speech on?

I have to write a speech about a person and I can not think of anyone that i would like to speak about. Does anyone have any suggestions? It can be anyone in the world Im just not sure who would be interesting to speak about. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

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    Frank Abagnale. He's the guy portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie "Catch Me If You Can". His story is definitely an interesting one. He impersonated doctors, airline pilots, lawyers, professors, and the like. For several years he managed not to get caught. Check it out:

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    Malcolm X, Coco Chanel, Martin Luther King, Christiane Amanpour, Barack Obama.

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    You can get books at your local library for autobiographies, and biographies of interesting people.

    Here's a list of famous people, and some of their accomplishments:

    Bill Gates: (Was the Richest Man in the world. First person to make

    one hundred billion dollar net worth. Was in the Guiness

    World Records for that.)

    Oprah Winfrey: (Famous Talk Show Host. I believe she gave one

    of her friends one million dollars, just so she could

    see, and feel how it's like to be a millionaire!)

    Lucille Ball: (Famous Funny Actress. She owned her own film


    John Paul Getty: (Once the richest man in the world, had a payphone

    in his mansion home.)

    Sam Walton: (He started, and owned Wal-Mart. He once saved

    someone's life, when someone was drowning in water.)

    Theodore Roosevelt: (The Teddy Bear was named after him.)

    Walt Disney: (He started, and owned Disney Land.)

    Sonny Bono: (He became a famous singer. He said "If you believe in

    magic, it will happen.)

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    Mahatma Gandhi

    I did a speech on him when I was in school. There is plenty of material about him available.

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