Is there a feeling of superiority or authenticity among black women who wear their hair natural?

Please don't take this the wrong way, but I was just wondering....

Black women who wear their hair natural (locs, afro whatever):

Do you feel more authentically black than someone who chooses to press/perm/weave their hair? Meaning, is there some sort of personal validation race-wise you feel from having your hair in its natural state? Do you think that women who choose not to do this are not comfortable with who they really are?

Black women who do not wear their hair natural: Do you feel like you are being judged based on that fact by those who choose to wear their hair natural?

Or is this even something you ponder.


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    [Do you feel more authentically black than someone who chooses to press/perm/weave their hair?] Yes and no. Yes in a way becuase in order to go natural it's just fact that it helps to realize that this is the hair that was passed to you from your African ancestors. And yes IMO hair is a part of our black beauty and relaxed and straightened hair is the exact opposite of what our hair needs to be healthy and to look good. I remember reading this, "As long as black women do not embrace their texture, they will always come in second in the international beauty contest." Also

    "Black women may be the only race that can live their whole life without knowing that their real hair looks and feels like." Deep.

    No, becuase I do not feel more "black" than someone who still relaxs/straightens their hair. I just feel that they are still stuck in the hair matrix. And yes I am going to put down Beyonce becuase I feel she has based her career on looking biracial and having good hair. Many black and white people are unaware that is not her hair and is a lace front wig. And this leads to sadness when black women go to salons and ask for the "Beyonce" and wonder why their dyed, fried and laid to the side hair won't grow as long as Beyonce's and in fact won't grow longer than their ears. Plus you can see the progression of Beyonce from natural styles to basically looking like a white woman and constantly showing little black girls everywhere that light skin and blond hair comes first.

    Yes there is a feeling of superiority among some naturals and I battle this. I remember what it was like to be relaxed and honestly think my hair was ugly and unmanageble. I only want to help and educate to those interested. This is where the term "nappy nazi" came from. And maybe I come off as that on here, but you have to see our side.

    All of society and your family is telling you your hair is ugly and unmanageble natural. So in order to go natural you come off as a "know it all" becuase you get this ephiphany. I am beautiful natural and I can manage my hair like this. So you want to educate everyone else and pass on this ephiphany and so you sometimes get loud with it. It doesn't help that everyday you get some relaxed person who has to evil eye your hair and tell you "when you gonna do something with that?" Or people who just want to say "it's just hair" becuase it's dead keratin and protein. If it's just hair why are the majority of black women trying to copy the dead keratin of other races? It's much deeper than that.

    One day maybe it can just be hair but as long as there is such an intense prejudice against natural hair, that's just not possible. It would be nice to not have some type of judgement attached to how we wear our hair. In the end, we just need to band together through education and hope we can eventually break through good hair, bad hair nonsense.

    Then I can wear my hair natural, you can wear weave/relaxed hair and nobody is going to call me a militant afrocentric lesbain who is too lazy to do something with her nappy hair and you won't be a self hating ignorant beyonce wanna be.

    Check out the documentary "Good Hair" by Chris Rock coming out on HBO, should be funny and thought provoking.

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    I am a black/mixed race woman with what can be considered 'good' hair (you know what I'm talking about). I have never had a perm and have always worn it in a wrap or with soft curls. I remember feeling like an anomaly when I'd go to the salon because the women didn't know what to do with my naturally curly hair (think actress Essence Atkins). I felt a little uneasy and unsure of myself at the time, but now recognize that black hair is extraordinarily different person to person. I love my natural hair and feel very authentic as a black/mixed race woman. I don't feel like my hair is an extension of who I am therefore has no bearing on my "black" authenticity.

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    Thats a good question...I believe some do. They put people like Beyonce down for having a blond-ish colored weave. My hair is natural, because of the texture. I dont need perms, and if I want it straight I can just blow it out. But, I dont wear a fro. Even though I do wish more AA women would care for their natural hair and grow it strong, I don't think I am better- that's crazy. Permed hair is still pretty if wrapped and maintained.

    add: oh, and I have nothing against weaves or wigs! will rock a cute wig in a heart beat. That's another thing, some of these "naturals" are afro puff wigs. so they can quit frontin'.

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    Yes, I won't deny it. All my friends that are relaxed are relaxed for the dumbest and most ignorant reasons, one of my friends says her hair "wont get straight" when it isnt relaxed and that "she doesnt want to look like a slave." But her hair has been ear length for the past three years and she hasnt cut it. She even thinks that more grease is better despite her hair being super oily. My other friend who is relaxed is also of the opinion that "she would look better lightskinned" and to be honest, none of my natural friends have ever made comments this ignorant or racist. I'm not saying I'm more black but I think out of my friends if given the choice to stay my race or be white, I'm the only one that would stay black/dominican/whatever you wanna call it haha.

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    Amongst black women who wear their hair natural, there are some who take it extremely seriously and openly say they feel it's wrong for moms to relax their daughters' hair, etc etc. These women are generally very Afrocentric. Some of them have no problem whatsoever with women who choose to relax their hair, but the naturals are tired of getting negative reactions to their hair from certain blacks, so they are sensitive and quick to defend themselves. It crazy that some people argue so passionately over hair.

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    I think SOME do feel that they are more of an authentic black woman then those of us that choose to relax their hair. Like question that posted yesterday saying that relaxers damage your hair and one of the answers said that those who perm are brainwashed to thinking that straight hair is better. i personally love both relaxed and natural but I choose to relax because its my preference. I love my relaxed hair and take pride in it.

  • When I get a relaxer in my hair I don't feel inferior at all. I get my hair curled afterwards and I look to fly as opposed to the look that I came in with that was natural.

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    The bible describes a womens hair as her crown of glory....

    perhaps...but that depends on the woman.

    My natural hair is quite nice, long and thick.

    When i wash it...i adore the kink, brush and oil it...and go right back to my weave.....

    while i love my hair...the truth is extensions give me the variety i look for..and i have NO qualms admitting i'm borrowing a look.

    The teasing i face from black women may sting...but i usually dont see anything in their heads i like.

    good question

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