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can some one help me with oil painting,the basic techniques?

i dnt know anythin abt it but i wud reaaly lov to paint

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    Are you ready for this? lol

    Canvas - board or stretched - check whether primed if not then you need primer (gesso- Daler-Rowney)

    Paint - there are two types of oil paints now waterbased and oil based both have the same consistancy, just get a general selection box set to start with and a large tube of white

    Waterbased - can be washed out with water (like emulsion)

    Oil based - need to use turps (like gloss)

    Brushes - you can use any get a variety thin flat and broad then get a normal decorating brush to blend and finish

    Other materials - oil based paints - get thinners and linseed oil

    thinners - does what it says

    linseed - give a glossy sheen and makes the paint plyable for longer - can affect the drying times

    Painting pic your subject then paint using this formaula

    think of landscape painting

    stage 1 sky

    stage 2 mountains

    stage 3 trees

    stage 4 house on the hill

    stage 5 river

    stage 6 rocks

    Each part of an oil painting needs to be painted in stages to let dry(get tacky) before you start the next stage so the paints don't smudge and start blending

    You can paintas thinck or as thin as you want then thinners help with that

    Anyway thats about it other than have fun and be patient during the drying process

    If you need any other advice let me know and you can contact me on my website


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    Oil Painting-Know All That You Wanted to Know About Oil Painting

    There are many interesting facts and terms that you need to know, beforehand, about oil painting if you plan to take it up as a hobby. By knowing these terms, you will be able to get a better understanding of oil painting and become an expert about the trivialities involved in that type of painting.

    To start with, you need to understand what the terms value and color temperature mean. In paintings, you need to make the transition of the colors from a dark color to the light color. Value is the term that is added to this change from dark to light that is made in the paintings. By making changes in the value in oil painting, you will be able get a better contrast in your painting.

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    I learned to paint with oils using library books. No classes, just books on the basics of oil painting and the tools and mediums needed and how to use them. My work can be checked out at under artist name GUERRO1.

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