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Negative effects Of Information Technology?

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Mostly by using information technology and its devices, the privacy of the people are limited. Therefore, you may be under control or monitored by these technologies,

2) Cost

Compared to conventional tools, there are cost of these technologies, some amount of money has to be paid

3) The risk of losing information

Altough they are good in storing information, this information should be lost in event of some physical damages, fire, or viruses..

4) Less employment

By using these technologies, the number of employees may decrease because these technologies will do those employees' works

5) Digital Socialization

People relationship in person can decrease because the people will be intreacting mostly with these technologies
I hope these may make sense to you..These are my opinions
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  • rddekker answered 6 years ago
    Information Technology is good, but will turn bad if fell on the wrong hands. Everybody has the access to everything they like, so they can surf and will eventually learn bad stuffs like porn, bullies, indecent language and foul attitude. They will meet different people from the internet, and they could found bad influences rather than informative and helpful ones. They can also became an "addict", which they can't tear off themselves from their computers. They had so many things to ponder on the web, so they are more exposed in dangerous information.
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  • Claire answered 6 years ago
    Children having easy access to objectionable material. Paedophiles having a new way to easily share information and stalk victims. Cyber bullying. Easy identity theft. Employees using work time to do their own things on the computer instead of for the boss. People losing the art of writing a letter instead of an email. Not hearing another person's voice when you communicate with them, so losing out on the nuances of what they're saying - sarcastic or genuine? Always being able to be contacted, and never having time to be alone.
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  • Sophia answered 6 years ago
    Misinformation. Propaganda. Harmful information falling in the wrong hands.
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  • Aqib answered 6 years ago
    Our lives become complex. As internet is of course a part of IT, people get easy access to unhealthy materials which ultimately destroy their characters...
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  • Negative effects Of Information Technology?
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