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now we are looking a dust collection system for our PP and PE resin.

Could you recommend one of your models, it does not need to be

fancy it needs to be functional. We need to remove plastic strands

and dust from the mixture of regrind and virgin resin. And deliver

that “cleaned” material to storage silos where it will then be

delivered to our extruders.


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    我們正在為我們的PP和PE樹脂找一套集塵系統. 你能夠從你們的機型中推薦一種給我們嗎? 不用太高檔, 能用就行. 我們必須把塑膠絲和粉塵從再製樹脂和處女樹脂的混和樹脂中移除. 然後把"乾淨"的材料送到儲存槽再送到擠型機.

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