Subs vs Dubs debate, who else is tired of it?

I saw this

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and agree with a lot of his points but I do have a few counter points.

1. FUNI releases dubs and subs in their dvd's, or do they still do?

2. Some subs are done by the companies that dub them and posted on their sites.

3. If it's Fansubs vs 4Kids dubs, then I'll back Fansubs in a heartbeat.

But that's my own little opinion. What do you think?

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    I don't give a f*ck about subs or dubs. all the voices rock. All voice actors and actresses puts so much into their characters. It makes the characters alive. Its very awesome at what they do. I admire all of them.

    I just dislike fans for saying "OH, English dubs suck!"

    Jeez, why can't they just try it out.

    I grew up with English anime in America.


    If I'm going to put my thoughts on this, I'll do it.

    This war, this dispute, is as tiring as the Naruto vs. One Piece or Naruto vs. Dragon Ball Z wars. It is ridiculous.


    First of all, a fan who's just born into the world cannot claim that one thing is better than the other. They need to explore. Get into their niches more. Discover more anime. Discover the other companies that dubb anime.

    Second, its very disrespectful. At least all you fans get to watch your anime free online. So, quit whining and watch your anime.

    Third, fans needs to consider how much voice actors and actresses work. Its hard to voice out the characters. They don't only use their voice but their diaphram as well. They need water. Its a tough job. And, you fans can't complain about it if you haven't tried it out either.

    As for companies, I admire them for what they do. But, there was only one company that I dislike, and that is 4Kids Entertainment. They editted out so much of the anime and redo everything. They try to edit One Piece, but a whole lot of stuff was missing.

    Thank god for Funimation and other companies. What can we do without them?

  • Donna
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    4 years ago

    For the most part, I do like the subbed versions better. I agree with you on the first point. In my opinion, quite a few voice actors in English seem to force the lines rather than speak them meaningfully. But I guess that's due to changing the literal translation so it fits the mouthing in English. Things sound so natural in it's subbed/raw form. From the subbed versions, I've become a faster reader and seems more true to what the artist intended. :D On the other hand, I do like the dubbed versions of certain shows for practical reasons. I like being able to watch anime on TV and it feels more relatable when it's in my native language. I also think certain English voice actors are amazing. Like, the Bleach cast in English is just as good as the Japanese cast. Well, it really depends on the company who does the dubbing. Some people are naturally very zealous. (Viz Media is pretty good at it. D: Aaaaand, even though 4Kids has been known to make some awkward voices dub over characters, Dan Green is amazing. *Q*) Overall, I think people should watch some of both to keep things fresh in their minds. Subs will help you enjoy it more easily since everything is how it should be, but the dubbed version does offer some comfort.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's been going on for a long time, ever since they've been dubbing anime really. And now that every company I know has both dubs and subs on their DVDs it's like a non-issue now. Watch it however you want to watch it, you have that option.

    I've even seen an anime DVD with the subs and two dub tracks on it. The debate should be over, but people should keep an open mind. Because there are some good anime out there that will never get licensed and a dubbed version.

  • Since I have watched *Gantz*,I am not going to watch that parody fandub.

    At your comments......

    1. FUNi is good at what they do.Dubbing is what they do.

    Viz's *ghetto subs* on *Ranma 1/2* show that even subbed anime can suck.

    2. That is a good idea.That way,pplz can try b4 they buy.

    3. I'm sure that there had to be at least 1 series 4K didn't destroy.But,I still hate 90+% of dubs in general.

    Source(s): KM
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    I agree that there's no reason to argue....although...limiting yourself to dubs is silly. There's a ton of great anime out there that will never get dubbed.

    Once you get used to the subs it's very hard to go back to the dubs. It's something that's hard to explain to someone who doesn't watch subs regularly.

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree, most of the time fansubs are better than dubs.

    But I like both sides....I started watching Basilisk in Japanese and then switched to English. The Japanese sounded more "natural" but I really enjoyed the English version.

    Source(s): What was that show, Gantz? That's next on my list :)
  • 1 decade ago

    I AM!!!! i mean come on the point is its all anime. people like subs cus they like the original, understand japanese, or prefer reading instead of staring at them talking. people like dubs cus its easier to watch and get into for lots of english only people. but who cares. i personally like both. and i dont rly like fandubs lol. fansubs r ok. i like the original dubbing and subbing. but some fansubs r funny lol. i shard ur opinion. lets forget about how we watch anime and just enjoy it! ^_^

  • gonna back up dubs though i still think subs are totally cool i feel no matter how annoying some of the girl charries voices understanding dubs is way more easier than glancing every two seconds at the subs!

    dont get angry though just my opinion bye!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Tired of the debate.

    Subs are more original.

    sure, dubs are easier to watch but seriously people.. it doesn't take much effort to read a bit.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am, too.

    Okay; I admit some anime are better subbed and some are better dubbed.

    I, personally, like dubbed better. And I don't understand why people say "Oh, so-and-so's voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard in English dubbed."

    No. It doesn't. Nails on a chalkboard is like the worst sound. -___-

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