i just bought this dc-ac power inverter?

cyber power cps150bi

specs are max 150 watts

out voltage 120 volts x/- 10%

input voltage 10.8 to 15.8

output frequency 60hz

low voltage shutdown 10.5 volt

my says its 12v 120 watts max.

and my laptop power chord thing says input100-240v (1.5a)

output 19v

the problem is when its hooked up, i first here this short beep (which it says it not suppose to happen) then it charges, but my touchpad on my laptop starts tripping out when i try to use it. also, i get a lot of feed back from when my laptops plugged and i try to play music from it via aux to my car.

i'm assuming its just because the cords are so close that i get the feedback, but what about my mouse tripping out? is it bad? what would be the best way to solve this, and whats causing the problem? my latop, the converter, or my car?


its like when i use the touchpad it starts twitching and the pointer starts jumping all around and clicking with me just touching it.

and the package also said it was simulated sine wave, so i don't know if that makes a difference. hah.

unfortunately i'm not sure if i can return it. it came in one of those packages that you have to basically rip apart to get the product out.

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    Hi darl

    Those power inverter thingys can be a nightmare when you use them in addition to transformers to the laptop and then production of sound.

    Every thing has to be perfect, The car alternator, the car battery, the cables to the inverter are suggested to be excessive of the power required.

    Watts = amps x volts


    Amps = watts divided by volts

    Tip, the output side of the inverter is still calculated at the 12v to obtain a correct consumption of power from the battery with a waste of 15% (that's lost in the inversion)

    Anyway the problems may be resolved with a few alterations.

    Renew the diode thingy on the back of the car alternator to fix the sound distortion,

    increase the power cable size to the inverter in excess of required.

    (sometimes its easy to directly ground the inverter negative side to metal using aluminium angle and use 2 cables on the + side)

    You can access power at the starter motor as this is sometimes closer to the inverter mounting point at the floor.

    Keep cables as short as possible.

    Do not power inverter off the alternator directly.

    Start the car and allow the alternator to recharge the battery adequately, ie 13v-13.8v before switching on the inverter.

    If this fails and you still get feed back, an additional suppressor capacitor will need to be fitted to suppress the wave distortion in the power line.

    Or, connect your inverter to an additional 12v battery with 10amp cable connecting it to the car battery.

    Running it through another battery can often filter the fluctuation's out.

    You really need a 250 watt inverter to run a 180 watt item.

    True wave inverters are best but sometimes 4 times the price of synthetic or simulated wave.

    As for the packaging, its their responsibility darl, a few bits of sticky or duct tape, as long as its all their they can not legally argue.

    It wasn't your fault they packed it that way.

    All the best and be carfull, there is enough power in a car battery to kill you twice before your dead, Whooooaagh! true!

    Hugs Maddy

    Source(s): Lah da de dah da The eletricions jingle goes:, The red one connects to the red thing. The black one connects to the whatsy thing, The true thing inverts the coloured thing, and 120 volts comes out! lah dah de dah da da daaaah! LOL its all fun.
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    what does "tripping out" mean?

    I suspect you bought a cheap inverter, one that puts out a square wave, not a sine wave. Most electronic equipment won't work well with a square wave applied at the line input.

    Also, I'd get one with more margin, probably a 250 watt unit. 120 volts x 1.5a is 180 watts, which is higher than either 150 watts or 120 watts, which ever is the output power (you list both). Plus there are surges when you turn on an appliance that can add a big part to the power.

    If you are running a laptop, and that is all, then get an adaptor/charger that works directly from 12 volts. You are converting 12 volts to 120 volts AC, then converting it back to a low voltage DC to charge your batteries.

    if you just bought it, take it back. Get a better one.


  • 4 years ago

    I can imagine a 300 watt inverter will work just fine for you. It's mid size. You can go smaller, but for the extra few bucks I would get a mid sized one so you can use it down the road if need be.

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    Its the capacity of your inverter is not sufficient to deliver the desired wattage, Always by the higher capacity inverters. Problem here is inverter is going in to overload, you can determine actual wattage of laptop charger and max output of inverter with a AMP meter. that way you might be able to determine right choice

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