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question on invitation wording?

OK, so I am getting married in June and I'm wandering how to do my invites. I was married before and I still have my married last name. I don't really want to use my last name in the invites so would it be OK to do this...


Sara Lynn


John David Smith

Request the pleasure of your company

at the celebration of their marriage

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    I think the rule of thumb is to use your legal name. So if that's your ex-husband's last name, then that's what you use. This is also how my divorced friend worded her invitations for her second marriage.

    Another option is to list your parents before your name, therefore omitting your last name. I think this looks better than the example you listed above, where it just looks like you forgot to include your last name.


    Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

    request the honor of your presence at the wedding of their daughter

    Sara Lynn


    John David Smith.

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    here are some samples

    Together with their parents

    Julia Esabella Sanmeters


    Nicholas Kristoff Demett

    request the honour of your presence

    at their marriage

    on Sunday, the fourth of March

    Two thousand and twelve

    at six o'clock in the evening

    Mount Zion Church

    11890 Leaf Avenue

    Chicago, Illinois

    Because you have shared in

    our lives

    by your friendship and love, we

    Karrie Ester Bryant


    Matthew Edward Mergesen

    together with our parents

    invite you to share

    the beginning of our new life


    when we exchange marriage


    Sunday, the sixteenth of December

    Two thousand twelve

    five-thirty in the evening

    Casa Monica Hotel

    St. Augustine, Florida

    Reception to follow

    You work, you play

    and then, one day...

    love just happens!

    Jenny Thompson


    Kurt Shippers

    invite you to be a witness

    to one of life's loveliest


    as they are joined together in


    on July 5, 2012

    at 12 noon

    Birmingham Hotel

    42067 Fargo Road

    Palm City, FL

    check out this website for more ideas

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    If you are not having your parents "host" the invitation

    Mr & Mrs William Doe invite you to the wedding of their Daughter

    Sara Lynn ...

    You are kind of stuck putting a last name on there.

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    You can put Sara Lynn [maiden name]. This isn't a legal document & ppl will only assume you changed your name back after the divorce.

    Not to mention, most of them may know you better by your maiden name.

    Good luck & Congrats!

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