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Am I the only person who thinks Edward in Twilight's a pedophile and an outright creeper?

He stalks Bella. And when he ****ed her he basically raped her.

I hate how books like these turn into bestsellers. There's tons of new books out there that are REALLY good. Better than the Twilight series.

And as for the movie, it's just stupid. My friend went to see it on the day it premiered and she said girls were screaming when it started.



no I'm a girl

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    i dont understand y everyone is in love with edward nd hates jacob nd thinks its "SUCH A BIG DEAL"

    im like ppl its just a FREAKING book no need to FREAK OUT about it

    nd did u notice how he "watches bella at night" before she found out?

    talk about a creepin up on her

    i wouldve put a restraining order on him

    nd he can totally show his affection for her by sniffing her neck nd wanting to drink her blood how lovely!!

    lol ;]

    now of course if many found out that your lover was a vampire, 75% would run away as fast as they could now of course in twilight that doesnt happen

    o what a great influence for little kids reading twilight!! :D

    (haha i had fun writing this answer)

  • witmer
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    3 years ago

    He has lived for 80 years as a Vampire and that's no longer the comparable as a human, on the same time as he may be slightly wiser and has considered better than the common 17 year old, because of the time hes been around, the e book makes it very sparkling which you reside the comparable age which you have been once you have been grew to become. You dont age - bodily or mentally it would look, lots of Edwards needs and desires and movements are nonetheless very 17. as nicely 17 is a legal consensual person for sexual family members in some states and a great variety of worldwide places. to each their own. AND its a e book. If everyone interior the series grew to become into to be called a pedophile i'd have guessed Quil or Jacob with imprinting.

  • ladytc
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    1 decade ago

    Finally another person with a brain. The sad part is that all the teen girls are in love with this creep. The 30 something crowd where I work are addicted to the books. One has read each book 4 times. They say you can tell when a civilization is coming to an end. Things get very sick & perverse.

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    I didn't take him for a pedophile but I hate Twilight too! >.< I don't even like the way Stephanie Meyer portrays vampires!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i didnt read the books and the movie didnt amaze me.

    i personally think its a cult. lol.

  • 1 decade ago

    i like the book but looking back he is kind of creepy

  • 1 decade ago

    Then yes. There are very few girls who think that. =]

  • pulse.
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    1 decade ago

    I agree.

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