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my blue healer to stop crying and biting every night she is a puppy how do i get her potty trained?

i need to get her potty trained ASAP and i really need to get her to stop crying cause she crys all the time and trys to get out ot her box and she does and than im afraid she will go to the bathroom in the house 101

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    Well, the easiest way to teach your puppy to "hold it" is to crate train her! This website will brush you up on crate training and explain one of the easier ways to do it:

    Most dogs won't soil their "dens" which is why crate training is so effective. She's a Heeler so she'll learn fairly quickly. They're very intelligent. :)

    Take the puppy out when you get up in the morning, after breakfast, after playing, in the middle of the day, when you get home from work, after dinner, and before bed! Puppy bladders are TINY so it's important for you to take her out as much as you can so she learns to "go" outside.

    When she does eliminate outside, praise her like she won the nobel peace prize! Talk in the sweetest, silliest, most affectionate voice that you can stand. Make the neighbors look at you funny! You want her to know that she did a great job going outside.

    Best of luck to you. :)

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    Puppies are like babies, they always want some contact, love, and attention. Your puppy is probably crying because she wants the attention, and doesn't want to be stuck in the box.

    My puppy used to do that all the time. Everytime we left the house, she would bark and whine for hours. We felt so bad that we even set up a camera to see what she actually does. She just sat in front of the door sleeping until we got home.

    But as she got older, she knew that we would always come back, so she got used to the idea and stopped the barking and whimpering. I guess she finally felt as ease.

    To make your puppy feel better, you can leave him or her a little chew bone so the puppy can occupy its time alone.

    I never put my puppy in a crate or box because I felt so bad just leaving her like that all day while I was gone. So there were a couple of accidents, but after a month or so, she knew that she had to go potty on the newspaper or wait for me to come home to take her out. We got her to do this by giving her a treat everytime she went potty on the newspaper or outside, and a firm no when she had an accident. Dogs are well trained on positive enforcement (i.e. treats, petting) and respond well if you have one word that shows the puppy he or she did an unacceptable thing. So pick a simple word like "no" for discipline.

    Hope this helped, and good luck with your new puppy!

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    Heelers are one of the easiest dogs ever to potty train, but they can destroy an entire house in less than 15 mins, so continue on with the crate.

    You're just going to have to deal with the crying until she learns not to. Put her in the crate at night and keep her there. Don't talk to her, don't get her out when she cries. Put her in and ignore her. Once she figures out that crying doesn't help, she'll stop.

    Keep using the crate and I bet she's potty trained in no time. Those are just smart little dogs.

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    How old is your puppy. What do you do when she cries do you pick her up and cuddle her. Maybe she has learnt this is a good way to get attention... Go outside with her alot and say go pee. When she does reward/praise her. If she has an accident inside you immediately take her outside say go pee....continue over and over until she understands what the word means. If you have a crate it works alot better but you will still have to put up with some crying...until she realizes she can't get loving from crying. If she is crying because she has to go pee take that as a great move and take her outside to pee. It's not difficult to train if your persistant. Good luck puppies are a handful.

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    Do you have a crate? You should get one. It will keep the puppy out of trouble.Look up puppy potty taraining online.

    I have a plastic box that I put newspapers in the box and she goes in there.

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    some issues human beings advise are putting a ticking alarm clock in with it while it sleeps- some say it reminds the pup of the mummy's beating coronary heart. it extremely is, of direction, if he won't chew it. are you able to deliver it interior the abode in case you get a crate for it? i understand this sounds ridiculous, yet while we've been given our American Pit Bull Terrier, he slept in a crate and that i slept on the floor with my arms interior the direction of the front area of the cage for the 1st week or so. He sleeps willingly in it now, and would not cry in any respect.

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    just take her outside about every hour and if she goes to the bathroom if she goes be happy with her and let her know by telling her good girl and giving her a treat if she goes in the house stick her nose in it and tell her that she is bad and maybe even the lightest tap on the nose (that means a lot to a puppy and they think its painful) and the wining is just what puppies like to do.

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    Mouthing and biting are natural, normal behaviors; all puppies do it. During teething (generally starting around four months), the urge to mouth is extra powerful because it feels good on your pups' tender gums. Lacking opposable thumbs, puppies also use their mouths to catch, carry, and play, making it all the more crucial that they learn how to control themselves in the presence of human skin.

    Here's a link that can help you resolve this problem:

    And on the housetraining part, here's a link to help you out with the guidelines. hope these help. good luck!

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    It will not come to you at first but, if you have a hard wood floor keep her boxed in. Then take her out intill she lerns to take you to the door and then you open the door and let her out. (it worked for me) !!!!

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