what are effects of getting a labret piercing?

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    * Healing Time: Typical 2 months, Maximum 6 months

    * Avoid putting anything dirty in your mouth and refrain from kissing and oral sex till the piercing is healed

    * Cold foods are best at first (e.g. ice-cream)

    * Don’t play with the piercing excessively, let it heal

    * Never leave your jewelry out for more than a few hours - the inside of the piercing may close

    * Take vitamin C and zinc to maximise your healing

    * To minimise swelling in the first few days, suck on ice-cubes and antibacterial/anti-inflammatory throat lozenges, and try not to talk too much

    * Wait 2 months before changing jewelry yourself

    # Alcohol

    If you do drink, choose low alcohol beverages such as beer or cider. Any drink with more than 10% alcohol is likely to hurt and will damage the healing tissues.

    # Bacterial Infections

    1. Infections are uncommon. Even though your mouth harbours more bacteria than any other part of your body, the washing action of your saliva and the enzymes it contains improves healing.

    2. Avoid putting anything dirty into your mouth (e.g. chewing pens and fingernails).

    3. Symptoms of bacterial infection include increased pain, increased redness and an increase in the amount and thickness of the discharge. The infected discharge is usually thick and yellow, green or grey and may have an unusual odour. Consult with your physician or piercer and do not remove the jewelry until you seek advice.

    # Lavender Oil

    This essential oil lubricates the piercing and is reputed to reduce scar tissue and prevent tightening. It must be used in its dilute form, a drop applied to the outside of the piercing with a cotton bud, the excess removed, and then the jewelry moved back and forth through the piercing. The correct dilution is 10 drops lavender oil in 15mls grapeseed or sweet almond oil.

    # Smoking

    1. Smoking is the most frequent cause of cancer of the lip.

    2. Smoking slows healing by suppressing your immune system and blood circulation to the skin.

    3. Smoking promotes infection by killing the tissue that it contacts.

    4. If you cannot stop smoking then you should reconsider having a lip piercing.

    # Viral Infections

    1. Viruses such as Hepatitis A, B, and C, and HIV can penetrate any piercing that has not healed.

    2. These viruses may be present in the blood, saliva, semen, sweat and vaginal secretions of infected persons.

    3. Risky activities include:

    * Kissing

    * Oral Sex

    * Sharing cigarettes, joints, bongs, drug-taking paraphenalia, drink bottles, wind instruments, whistles.

    4. No data is available on the risk of viral transmission where oral piercings, healed or unhealed, are present.

    5. Practice safe sex at all times.

    Source(s): http://www.body-piercing.com.au/body_piercing_guid... wikipedia is not accurate 100%, this site above is awesome and you can search up other piercings as well!!!
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    NOOOOO! There are two types of labret piercings: Vertical Labret & Traditional labret. A vertical labret does not enter the mouth in any way so it will never come in contact with your braces unless you keep curling your lip into your mouth. Generally if you wear a curved barbell the balls curve away from your mouth, so it's basically not a problem. When I got mine pierced, the piercer put in a straight barbell and that was hitting my teeth a lot more because it was sitting right on the top of my lip...but almost alll piercers will put a curved barbell in your lip and that keeps the balls out of your mouth and out from in between your lip. As long as you don't keep pursing them you won't feel them. Have fun I love this piercing!

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    With labret piercings, like most mouth piercings, you want to make sure that the piercer gets the placement correct.

    With correct placement the effects are minimal. After years the back can cause some wear on your teeth and gums, but it's not terrible. If you make sure to wear an acrylic or plastic back to the jewelry in it then the damage to your teeth will be minimal.

    However, if you have incorrect placement (too close to your gumline) gum recession is common. If you wear a metal backing then damage to the enamel of your teeth is likely. Also, if you're stretching a labret piercing, a large piece of jewelry can cause your teeth to move a little or a lot, depending on the shape of your mouth.

    Source(s): for almost any piercing question, BMEzine has answers! this is good for labrets: http://wiki.bmezine.com/index.php/Labret
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    effects labret piercing

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    effects like what??

    if you have it for so long your teeth can get messed up..

    if you don't get it done professionally it can swell, get infected, you can get nerve damage, and lots more

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