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I love Dogs, BUT....?

I love dogs & miss having one, But I know that right now I can't handle taking proper care of one or the cost of feeding & toys!! Is there anything I can do to stop missing them?? I already have a Cat, Rabbits & Guinea pigs - I just really miss having a dog around....I can't subject one to my work schedule tho... : /

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    you can volunteer at your local shelter.. you can spend time walking and grooming dogs when its convienient for you.. it also helps give back to the dogs who would just be confined to a cage until adopted also.

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    You should treasure the pets you already have not the pets you wish you had. You could treat your pets a little bit like the way you would treat dogs. Like for example when my cousin had a rabbit she used to walk it on a leash. You can do that with a guinea pig too and one time i seen a lady walking her cat so if your cat likes outside that is something that would be fun. I think you should spend a day on the weekend to just play with the animals that you have so that you understand that they are so great to have and it helps you forget about having a dog. I know life is so much fun with a dog but you can still have so much fun with the cute little pets you have

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    Being a dog person myself...there are ways you can get involved with dogs and help others.

    You can volunteer at the local animal shelter and help with dog rescue. When you eventually have time you can train a guide dog for the blind OR take jobs walking and/or training dogs OR be creative and dog sit while people are on vacation...

    Hope this inspires you and leads you to making you a happier "dog" person.


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    On the weekends visit friends who have dogs. Offer in your free time to take their dog for a walk. If none of your friends have dogs, you can do the same thing at an animal shelter.

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    You should volunteer at your local animal shelter!! You get to play, feed, and take care of dogs like they're your own!!!

    Source(s): my smartness =]
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    You should settle with your cat, rabbits, and guinea pigs for now and get a dog when you either can't take it anymore or feel financially ready. :) Just have fun with your





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    Hehe guinea pigs :-D

    sweet :-)

    I have dog couple years ago, one day some car overrun him and my heart was broken... I would like to have dog again that is sure...

    P.S dogs name was "Punisha" :-)

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