I need help on getting 100 percent gta 4?

I have 98.33% on the game and I only need 1.67 percent does anybody know where to get the last percent. I kill 200 pigeons did the vigilante missions all assassins met every random person did Brucie, Jacob, and Packie job. Did 30 Car messages Did all Ramps. Please tell me where to get the remaining 1.67%?

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    In order to receive 100% completion in the game you must complete these tasks:

    1) Complete all of the story missions

    Complete all 10 Drug Trafficking missions for Little Jacob: To do these call Little Jacob and select “Job”

    Complete all 10 Exotic Export Car thefts for Brucie: Brucie will send you an email’s telling you which cars to get for him. Respond positively to the email and the location will set on your GPS

    Complete all 9 Assassination missions: You will receive these from a pay phone in Alderney towards the end of the story

    Win all 9 of Brucie’s Street Races receiving 1st place at least once: Call Brucie and select “Race”

    —Doing all of the above listed under 1) will give you 68% completion

    2) Have Little Jacob’s, Brucie’s, and Packie’s like percentage high enough so that you unlock their special ability and do all of their activities. ——-Will give you 10% completion

    3) You must win at select activities at least once:



    A FULL game of bowling

    You must beat the high score of the QUB3D arcade game which can be found where you play pool

    ——Doing all of the above under 3) will give you 5% completion

    4) There are 10 random friends you must meet on the street and complete all of their missions:

    Brian (Meet 3 times)



    Ileyna Faustin


    Sara (Meet 2 times)

    Pathos (Meet 2 times)

    Marnie (Meet 2 times)

    Eddie Low (Meet 2 times)


    ——Doing all of the above under 4) will give you 5% completion

    5. From a police vehicle you will need to complete 30 most wanted hits, there are 10 per area, Bohan/Dukes/Broke, Algonquin, and Alderney ——Will give you 2.5% completion

    From a police vehicle you will also need to complete 20 current crimes missions, they can be done at any time and any place and do not need to be consecutive —-Will give you 2.5% completion

    Complete all 30 of Stevie’s vehicle thefts —–Will give you 2% completion

    Kill all 200 flying rats throughout the city —–Will give you 2.5% completion

    Complete all 50 unique stunt jumps —–Will give you 2.5% completion

    Note: There is nothing you can do to “screw up” receiving 100%, you can kill whoever you want, do whatever missions you want in any order, you simply must do these tasks.

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  • 4 years ago

    I was going for 100% game completion till I took an arrow to the knee lol

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  • 1 decade ago

    Try this website they give a guide on everything. I already got 100%. Good luck

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