u.s. coast guard enlistment questions?

fruadulent enlistment into another branch. got a re3c and a general under honorable. able to get into coast guard???

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    You would have to get a waiver for the RE code - and right now the Coast Guard has so many people knocking on our doors that the odds of getting a recruiter that is willing to work a waiver is pretty slim.

    Then, on top of it, you have demonstrated that you have no personal sense of honor - so why SHOULD they?

    Source(s): I'm a Coast Guard Senior Chief Petty Officer.
  • USNS
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    1 decade ago

    RE-3 - Individuals who are not qualified for continued Army service, but the disqualification is waiverable. Ineligible for enlistment unless a waiver is granted.

    So I guess it depends on whether or not the USCG wants to give you the time of day. Ask a recruiter.

    Maybe this question (although not pertaining to the USCG) might be of some help.


  • 1 decade ago

    You wanna try writing that again in English?

    Better yet, try a military legal counselor.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    why not? Everyone else in the government is corrupt.

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