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What is YOUR definition of JUSTICE?

I am interested to hear what individuals define as justice. I'm not interested in text book definitions or something out of a dictionary. I AM interested in how you as a person define justice in your own words.

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    If you're talking about courtroom justice, then I'd say that justice is when the moral balance has been restored.

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    Definition Of Justice

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    I am a strong supporter of the rule of law, as it is one of the two pillars of a free society. Democracy is the other. I believe we should abide by laws even if we don't agree with them.

    But there are situations where the legal system does not render justice. For example, when health insurances illegally refuse treatment and the legal action takes too long to make a difference and the patient dies anyway. Or when a parent steals to feed a starving child. Some legal systems allow common sense to outweigh formalisms, but most don't and therefore sometimes produce injustice.

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    Justice would be the expected return for a exchange between someone trading or selling something of Value.

    I sell you a car, it is what i say it is and I add "as is" I'm off the hook if your not happy with it. But if I lied about the car and it is a real clunker, then the "as is" doesn't cover what I hide. You have a buyers remorce with a car dealer and 72 hours with me in my State if I miss repprosent the car to you as Exc. and it is only fair with a new paint job.

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    Ok, I think your understanding of justice is that the punishment must fit the crime. Do you know the punishment for sin? Death - eternal death. Sin is rebellion against the Lifegiver. You cannot rebel against the Lifegiver and expect to live....much like if you don't like light, the only other option is to live in darkness. So, if the punishment for sin is applied there would be no sinner left alive. Do you know what that would do? Hand over the victory to Satan. Let me explain. If God had punished Adam and Eve, they would have been dead. (For the moment I'm going into why there was a test and all). Satan would have exulted in destroying God's creation. If God had not done anything, Satan would have said 'God does not mean what He says and, therefore, He should not be taken seriously'. In other words, God is not truthful. In both cases, Satan would have been victorious. God was not about to let that happen. God had a plan that Satan knew nothing about which only infinite knowledge and wisdom could devise. And that was to have someone take the punishment on behalf of the sinner. That is where Jesus comes in. What does the death of Jesus do? 1. It satisfies God's justice against sin in that sin is punished in Jesus' death. 2. It demonstrates God's love for sinners in that God would take the human form to die for the sinful humans who deserved nothing but death. 3. It demonstrates to the entire universe for all times to come that the punishment for sin is always death and justifies God's action in meting out the punishment to all those who do not accept the punishment borne by Jesus in their behalf. They would have to bear the punishment themselves. 4. By leading a sinless life Jesus demonstrated that it is possible for humans to a life of obedience. By the way, no one will be tormented forever in hell. The Bible makes it clear that the punishment for sin is death, not eternal torture. I won't go into details here. Hope this helps.

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    Chicanery of bench and bar to the convenience of the govt. in power and the rule of the majority however foolish it is and the attorneys never interpret law otherwise to the benefit of the common man, lest they can never charge a fee!

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    Justice means the good guy is not punished and the bad guy is. If you violate the law, then you must be punished for your crimes. Unfortunately sometimes the good guy can't always prove his goodness.

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    Any act which makes ur soul feel blessed and at peace.

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    The best you can get for the money you have to pay for it.

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    When the result is a just one, whether it is legal or not

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