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Please list 20 Imperative verb

Please list 20 Imperative verb,I need it immediately!!Thanks..


fast please!

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    Imperative verbs are verbs in the form of giving instructions, orders or commands. e.g.

    1.Sit - Sit down

    2.Stand - Stand up

    3.Shut - Shut your mouth

    4.Turn - Turn around

    5.Clean - Clean the blackboard

    6.Close - Close the door

    7.Put - Put down your pen

    8.Switch - Switch on the light

    9.Keep - Keep silent

    10.Wash - Wash your hands

    11.Brush - Brush your teeth

    12.Speak - Speak louder

    13.Sweep - Sweep the floor

    14.Get - Get up

    15.Go - Go ahead

    16.Leave - Leave me alone

    17.Find - Find a job

    18.Open - Open the window

    19.Add - Add some salt

    20.Pick - Pick up the phone

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