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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


對於這點我們感到很抱歉.關於你對濾網的疑問..由於這款濾網爲了方便客人清洗.因此設計是可拆開的.這可能是生產部的疏忽.. 在組裝時沒把將鎖頭的部分鎖緊才導致他鬆掉..我們會將你的CASE, 傳達給生產部知道..這一點我們一定會好好的改善..


事件: 沖茶器的濾網會掉落

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  • Kim
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    1 decade ago
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    對於這點我們感到很抱歉.關於你對濾網的疑問..由於這款濾網爲了方便客人清洗.因此設計是可拆開的.這可能是生產部的疏忽..在組裝時沒把將鎖頭的部分鎖緊才導致他鬆掉..我們會將你的CASE, 傳達給生產部知道..這一點我們一定會好好的改善..

    We deeply regret and apologize in regards to your problems with the use of our filter. Based on the design, the filter can be detached for cleaning purposes. We assure you this is a single negligent case from our production line during assembly. We will submit this information to our production line in order to amend this issue.

    We assure you this is a single negligent case from our production line during assembly=我們保證這是少數發生在生產部的疏忽事件。


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  • tzylan
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    1 decade ago

    對於這點我們感到很抱歉.關於你對濾網的疑問..由於這款濾網爲了方便客人清洗.因此設計是可拆開的.這可能是生產部的疏忽.. 在組裝時沒把將鎖頭的部分鎖緊才導致他鬆掉..我們會將你的CASE, 傳達給生產部知道..這一點我們一定會好好的改善..

    We apologize for the inconvenience we have caused to you. Regarding the filter problem you mentioned, since the pattern we designed for this item is disassembled for easy cleaning purpose. After checking, the loosened filter problem might be occurred at the production line due to assembling negligence. We will reinforce our QC measurement at production to ensure they will screw tight in the future and this problem won't happen again.

  • 1 decade ago

    For this point we feel very sorry. With regard to your questions on the screen .. as a result of this filter in order to facilitate the guests to clean. Therefore the design is opened. This may be the production of the Department's negligence .. in the assembly when not to will lock the first part of which leads to locking him out .. we will loose your CASE, communicated to the production department to know .. This is something we will definitely be a good improvement ..

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