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1.Just kidding 是祈使句嘛?

2.片語可大寫嘛?EX:do your best.→Do your best.

3.the other//others//another...(還有其他類似的)有何不同?

4.Who she is.→這是個問句嘛?




*5.on mind / in mind是什麼意思?

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    1.Just kidding 不是祈使句, (祈使句就是命令句, 原形動詞放句首.)

    Just kidding 是 I'm just kidding.的省略.就像有人問你How are you? 你會回答Fine. (I'm fine.的省略) kidding當形容詞用的現在分詞.

    2. 片語可否大寫要看能在句中的位置,如果在句首就要大寫.Do your best.是祈使句,因此可以單獨使用,Do是第一個字所以要大寫.

    另外舉一個不能放在句首的片語: to take place (發生,舉行)

    例句: The firework display took place in Taipei 101.

    3.the other//others//another...(還有其他類似的)有何不同?

    the other(另一個): 用於只有兩項同性質的人,事,或物(A和B),先說了A之後,指B的時候用the other. 例: There are two doors. One is red. The other is blue.

    others(其它): 用於有三樣以上同性質的人,事,物(A, B, C, ...etc)例: (1)This question is the easiest. Others are more difficult. (2) In the park, some people are walking. Others are dancing.

    another(另一,又一): 不強調數量,強調一個接著一個.例: (1)After he finished this banana. He took another. (2) The book I want is sold out. So I went to another store.

    4.who she is不是一個完整的句子,而是間接問句.動詞不倒裝,而且前面會有一個主要子句,例: I don't know who she is.(我不知道她是誰) 如果要問"她是誰",則用 Who is she?

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    on mind/in mind:即想著某事,有許多相關片語

    1. be all in sb's mind: 某事只存在於某人的幻想

    These problems are all in your mind, you know.

    2. keep sb/sth in mind: 記住某人/事

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    3. out of sb's mind: 腦筋不正常

    You must be out of your mind that you gave him 3,000 dollars.

    4. have sb/sth in mind: 想著某人/事

    Watching TV all evening was not what I had in mind.

    5. on sb's mind: 想著或煩惱著某事

    Just leave him alone. He's got a lot on his mind recently

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    Good explanations! Shelly!

    Just want to share some common usage error around "another" vs "the other". The other does not always used in the situation where there are only two objects. It could be three or more.

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    See link:

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    祈使句並不能加 動詞ing



    ----- 大致如下 -----

    the other -->另一個人(物) or 另一方(the S.)

    others -->其餘的人(物) or 其餘的

    another -->另一個,再一個 or 另外的

    4.不是 如果要造成問句 應該要這樣

    -----------> Who is she? ( 位子不能放錯)



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    3.其他 其他人 另外1個

    4.不是應該是Who is she?

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    3.the other-只有2人或2件事物時

    ---I have two cups, one is red, the other is blue.


    ---Some people like to swim,others like to play baseball in Tai-



    ---I have three cups , one is red , another is blue , the other is


    4.不是.應是間接問句---I wonder who she is

    問句---Who is she?

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