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1. ban禁止

2. Detain拘留

3. Supreme Prosecutors’ Office高檢署辦公室

4. Special Investigation Panel (SIP)特偵組

5. Spokesman發言人

6. dentist 牙醫

7. Trunk大行李箱

8. aptitude 能力

9. Ministry of Justice 法務

10. Inform知會

11. Trial 審判

12. insider trading內線交易

13. corruption 貪污

14. money laundering 洗錢

15. prohibit 禁止

16. prompt立刻

17. caucus deputy secretary-general國民黨黨團副秘書長

18. urge催促,主張

19. summon 傳喚

20. groundlessly沒有根據的,沒有理由的

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    1. We have put a ban on smoking.(我們已禁止吸煙)

    2. Well,mother,I won't detain you any longer.(好啦,媽,我不再留妳了)



    5. He was the spokesman for the workers on strike.(他是罷工工人的發言人)

    6. I am a dentist.(我是牙醫師)

    7.Let me put your baggage in the trunk.(我來把你的行李放在汽車後部的行李箱內)

    8. He has an aptitude for drawing.(他有繪畫的天份)


    10. I informed his wife of his safe arrival.(我通知他太太他已平安抵達)

    11.The trials show that smoking will do harm to people.(試驗顯示抽菸對人體有害)


    13. The city is riddled with corruption.(這個城市已腐敗成風)


    15.Smoking is prohibited in the office building.(辦公樓內禁止抽菸)

    16. He is prompt in paying his rent.(他付房租從不拖延)

    17.He is a caucus deputy secretary-general.(他是國民黨黨團副秘書長)

    18. They urged us to go at once.(他們催促我們馬上去)

    19. He was summoned to appear in court as a witness.(他被傳喚出庭作證)

    20.I'm afraid your fears are groundless.(你的恐懼恐怕沒有什麼根據)

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