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英文翻譯 ”...wind its way through”

一篇選自經濟學人的文章 "Buying American"


第二段最後一行"...anyhow, in the stimulus currently winding its way through Congress."

這句話的意思是振興方案預算1.已經被國會通過 還是 2.正在國會審查


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    winding its way through

    >> 迂迴曲折的經過(不是一通到底的); 可能是很費事的之意

    wind (v.) 迂迴, 曲折; 上緊...的發條; 給它加速


    The 10th annual Dell-Winston School Solar Car Challenge started today in Round Rock, Texas, and will wind its way through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona en route to the finish line at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.

    PS: 下面兩例中的 wind its way through 都有煞費其事之意, 絕對不是一路順暢滴

    Martin Hutchinson writes: As I watch the $900 billion stimulus bill wind its way through Congress, knowing this will be piled atop the estimated 2009 deficit of $1.19 trillion, the longtime banker in me keeps asking the same worrisome question: How the devil are they going to finance all this rubbish?

    I'm sure Bob Geldof is thrilled that the marriage is ending. I mean he probably doesn't even care she had an affair, but just wanted the whole marriage thing over. Now of course the divorce can wind its way through the courts and Peaches(女性名) can start looking for husband #2. She is young. She can burn through a lot of husbands before she is done.

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    因此, "anyhow, in the stimulus currently winding its way through Congress."

    這句話的意思應該是振興方案預算"正在國會審查", 而且應該不是很順暢的就通過...

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    "What the devil" or "how the devil" 都是詛咒的語氣沒有什麼意義, 相當於 "what the hell" or "how the hell"...e.g. what the hell are you up to?

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    "wind through" 的意思是: 緩慢而曲折地流動、通過

    所以 the stimulus currently winding its way through Congress 這句話的意思就是: 正在國會商議中的振興經濟方案。

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